1000 Safety Kits for Corona Warriors of Police

1000 Safety Kits for Corona Warriors of Police

The Ram Sewa Swami Satyanand Trust, Gohana is sending security packs to all the Centers of Shri Ramsharnam being run under its aegis, so as to viably battle the crown infection. Also, the Shri RamsharnamKendar, Chandigarh today gave more than 1000 wellbeing units, with the gifts of Gurudev Sri Krishna Vij and Guru Maa Rekha Vij, to the SSP, Chandigarh Mrs. Nilambari Jagdale at her office.

Uncovering this here today, a representative of the association Mr. Rajiv Bajaj said that the security units incorporate 2 veils, 2 sets of gloves, and a 180 millilitersanitizer. He further included that the principle point of this undertaking is to guarantee the wellbeing of the cutting edge warriors occupied with the war against crown infection.

He further explained that the trust separated from strict exercises, additionally wholeheartedly contributes towards social causes in an unequivocal way and moreover, the association is continually standing side by side with the administration in nipping the threat of crown infection in the bud.


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