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11 Essential Travel Items for A Vacation To The Hills

essential travel items

Vacations mean Hill Stations or Beaches. No matter where you decide to spend your holidays, the thing that takes most of your time is packing for the trip. Making it a smooth ride for you, I am listing a few essential travel items for a vacation to the hills.

“To err is to human” Even if you plan and pack things meticulously, Still are the chances that you might miss out on something. The golden rule for packing for a trip is “Don’t Panic”. Take a notepad and jot down the necessary things to carry while travelling.

11 Essential Travel Items for A trip To Hill Station

The pro tip for packing essential travel items for a vacation to the hills is to research thoroughly the climate and other factors considering your destination. And never postpone your task of packing for the last moment. You are definitely going to miss out on important stuff in stress if you set your bag in hurry-burry.

1) Woollens & Windcheaters


When we plan for a vacation, we end up packing enough trendy and fashionable clothes to look good in the pictures. With this mindset, we overlook comfort. 

When you list down the things to carry while traveling to a hill station, The thing that should be on the top is Woollens which includes warm inners, gloves, earmuffs, sweatshirts, and woolen socks.

 Climate change is really a thing in the mountains. Most of the time, the weather there is a little chilled due to the cold breeze. So do carry woolens and a windcheater to save yourself from the cold wind.

2) Comfortable Walking Shoes 

Comfortable Shoes
Comfortable Shoes

Traveling to the mountains requires lots of walking. Exploring a hill station involves lots of climbing, walking & Trekking. In order to make the most out of your trip and experience the adventure, your feet need to be relaxed and comfortable.

Selecting your footwear for a visit to the hill stations is the most overlooked. It is so obvious you can not wear heels to the mountains. To avoid exasperation and uneasiness, choose your shoes wisely. 

Your choice of shoes can make your trip joyful. You can not enjoy a hill station with your feet having sores and pain. A comfortable pair of shoes will make your trip to the mountains adventurous. 

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3) Thermal Water Bottle

Thermal Water Bottle

When listing essential travel items for a vacation to the hillsa water bottle never comes across to your mind. Traveling in the mountains requires lots of walking, and one needs to stay hydrated to have energy. 

Even to have that picture-perfect glow on your face, you need to drink lots of water. But in the cold weather consuming warm water is more effective. Do carry a thermal water bottle with you while you are traveling in the hills.                                     

4) Skin Care Essentials       

Skin Care Essentials
Skin Care Essentials

The weather up there in the hilly areas is a little harsh for your skin. At the higher altitude, the climate is cold which makes your skin dry and lips chapped. 

Proper skincare is required for flawless skin to show off in your travel pictures. 

A Lip Balm, Moisturiser, Sunscreen Lotion, and Wet Wipes are a must when you are traveling. They keep your skin hydrated and pampered. 

Many people believe you don’t need Sunscreen in the hills, but it has more sun exposure. Do pack these beauty essentials.

5) First-Aid Kit & Medicines 

First-aid And Medicines

On the hills, the weather changes very frequently which affects your immune system. There you catch cold and fever more often. Even some people have motion sickness when they travel at a high altitude. 

So you must have a first-aid box with the basic medicines to keep you going in the harsh weather. 

Traveling on hills involves trekking and climbing, which can also cause injuries. Do include pain relief spray and bandages in your essential travel items.

6) Cash


Carry enough cash with you while traveling because you can’t depend on ATMs. Money is a must for traveling, for everything you need to pay for be it accommodation or eating or traveling. 

You need not run around to find the ATM if you have cash in your hand. It saves you enough time which can be used to explore the destination.

7) Power Bank

Power Bank
Power Bank

Going on a vacation doesn’t mean disconnecting yourself from the world. You need to get your phone charged to stay connected with your loved ones. 

The phone is your real travel partner, how it would be possible to travel with a dead mate. While traveling you need to keep your phone charged and handy as it allows you to capture breathtaking views for a lifetime.

Music and traveling are a lethal combination. connect your phone with a power bank and plug in the earphones to enjoy music on the go.

8) Umbrella & Raincoat

Raincoat & umbrella
Raincoat & Umbrella

The most unpredictable thing in the mountains is the weather. At one moment it’s sunny and at the very next moment it will start raining and you would have no idea. 

Climate change is real in the hills. do carry an umbrella to protect you from both sun and the rain.

Raincoats & Gumboots are among the essential things to carry while traveling to the hill station. When it rains in the hills it is raining cats and dogs. 

Raincoats and gumboots are necessary to make your journey smooth in rainy weather.

9) Napkins & Tissues/Wipes

Napkin and Wipes
Napkin and Wipes

Napkins & tissues are the most neglected thing when you are packing stuff for an outing. 

Tissues and napkins are necessary as you would not get water to wash your hands. So you should have napkins at your disposal.

When you are in the hills, you might catch a cold. then also need tissues to wipe your little nose.

Don’t forget to keep wet wipes with you to clean the makeup and excessive dust from your face to avoid skin damage.

10) Chocolates & Dry Fruits

Chocolates and Dry fruits
Chocolates and Dry fruits

You can’t enjoy yourself with an empty stomach. To keep your mood uplifted while traveling, get some chocolates and dry fruits to munch on the way.

Chocolates and dry fruits are easy to carry & they are healthy too. They are the powerhouse of energy that is required because climbing mountains are a bit exhausting.

11) Camera


Take a camera with you to capture the beauty of hills and moments to cherish for a lifetime. You must be thinking your smartphone can solve the purpose, I reckon for clicking instagramable pictures carry your camera with you.

These days, everyone is active on social media, and the first thing they do while on a vacation is sharing a glimpse of their vacation. That’s why the camera has made its place on the list of essential travel items.


When you pack all necessities with you, your trip is assured to be memorable. Another tip for your happy journey to the hills is to carry less stuff. Climbing mountains is already an exhausting task carrying a heavy backpack makes it even worst. Pack less but pack smartly.

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