2nd Shimla Dance Festival Begins On 18 March at Gaiety Theatre

Shimla Dance Festival

Shimla 16 March:

The second edition of the Shimla Dance Festival is set to enthrall Shimlaites which is going to be organised here at the historic Gaiety Theatre by the Language, Art and Culture department from 18-20 March, 2019.

This year, the festival opens with the renowned Odissi exponent Sujata Mohapatra, who is the recipient of the 2017 Sangeet Natak Akademi award. Prior to her recital, Pawan, from Shimla will perform Kathak dance.

The next day will feature a unique performance by the amazingly gifted Bharatanatyam dancer Jai Quehaeni from Chennai. The local artist for the second evening will be Odissi dancer Minketan Sahu from Solan.

The third day will start with Kathak performance by Kumari Yashika from Himachal Pradesh. This evening the main attraction would be presentation of Kathakali by Guru Kalamandalam Ramachandra Unnithan, from Kerala. He will be playing the role of Lord Hanuman in an episode from the Mahabharata for which he has won many accolades.

According to the Spokesperson of the Language, Art and Culture department, all the performances will start at 6 pm. Specially exciting for Shimla’s dance students is the fact that each of the artists has consented to interact with students in the morning on the day prior to concerts, at the Gaiety Theatre at around 11 am. Thus Sujata Mohapatra will be available on 17th, Jai Quehaeni on 18th, and Guru Ramachandra on 19th morning.

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