9 Marvellous Video Game Consoles from the 90s

Video game consoles from 90s

The Early ’90s was a golden era, it observed a shift in technology. It was the age of evolvement of movies, TV and Video game consoles from the 90s with the invention of graphic cards and optical media.

If you have your childhood in the 90s you know why I mentioned the 90s as a golden era. It has been three decades, technology has transformed gaming devices but I would not be wrong if I say “Video Games-Consoles” still excites you.

The 90s was an exceptional decade and the 90s children were amazingly fortunate to have such a variation of video game consoles to pick from.

Numerous things make us feel nostalgic such as 90s TV shows, movies and cartoons, without any doubt video games hold an irreplaceable space in our heart.

Here, in this time of PubG, I will take you back to your childhood when you used to play endless games on your favourite video game console.

9 Astounding Video Game Consoles From The 90s 

Video games have developed with the advancement in technology. Nowadays, it is more of online games. Playing video games while holding the console in your hand, that excitement is beyond words. 

Here, I am listing 9 astounding video game consoles from the 90s that you can share with your offsprings and relive your childhood.

1) Mario

Video Game console from the 90s

Mario was the most loved and played video games. Mario still has hype and brings a smile on many faces with a mere mention of this epic video game. 

Mario sold like hot cakes for years in a row, since after its inception in India in the early 90s. 

Mario is one of the most popular video game consoles from the 90s that has tremendous success which leads to several sequels and prequels of the game.

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2) Contra

Video Game console from the 90s

Contra was another one of the most popular video game consoles from the 90s. This legendary action game ruled over Nintendo gaming consoles for ages.

It had an enthralling plot of rescuing the planet from the terrorist group Red Falcon. 

Contra was such an engaging video, every 90s kid must have spent sleepless nights playing this game which was not at all normal in the 90s.

3) Tekken


Tekken was one of the preeminent arcade games for Indians. 

It was designed by Namco, the one-on-one fighting game that documented the adventures of the King of Fist Tournament. 

Sequels of the game – Tekken 2 and Tekken3 were equally successful in India and had a next-level fan base.

The most well-known characters of these Tekken series were Paul, Lion, Hiachi, and Ogre.

4) Duck Hunt

Video Game console from the 90s
Duck Hunt

In the 90s, kids were amazed by a light gun shooter video game developed by Nintendo, which is all about shooting down ducks to feed your dog. 

Duck hunt video game was an easy game as it gave us 3 shots to shoot down the flying ducks on the screen with the fire weapon to score points and advance to the next level.

5) Pac-Man


Pac-Man was not really a 90s game but it continues to be the most played and acknowledged Nintendo console game across the globe. 

The 90s modified version of this game turns out to be more fascinating and engaging than the 80s Pac-man.

In Pac-Man, Eat the large flashing dots called “Power Pellets” which makes the ghosts turn blue, enabling PacMan to eat them for bonus points.

This is one of the most popular video game consoles from the 90s, Even google celebrated the 30th anniversary of this game by the Pac-man Doodle.

6) Aladdin


Disney’s Aladdin is a video game console based on the 1992 movie of a similar name developed by Virgin Games the USA.

This game allows you to explore the enigma and adventure with your favourite Disney character.

You just had to control the movement of Aladdin and help him make his way through the locations identical to the movie to reach the final destination.

7) Street Fighter

Video Game console from the 90s
Street Fighter

Street Fighter is the gem of video game consoles from the 90s, it was a legendary arcade game. 

This video game is based on a worldwide martial arts tournament, having five countries and ten opponents. The player gets control of martial artist Ryu.

The game was also popular for the fictional rivalry between Ryu and Ken, both martial art experts.

8) Midtown Madness

Video Game console from the 90s
Midtown Madness

Midtown madness – A racing game produced by Angel Studios and published by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows. 

It was basically invented for teens to learn traffic rules, but we remember how we handled to wreak havoc on the city. It was more fun hitting pedestrians and crashing into cars. It was true driving bliss.

The best thing about this video game is it offers both single and multi-player mode.

9) Adventure Island

Adventure Island
Adventure Island

Aventure Island is quite similar to Mario as it has the same concept of rescuing the princess.

It is one of the most interesting video game consoles from the 90s as you reach the higher level the difficulty level also high. Aventure Island has series of sequels too. 

The player Character Master Higgins has to find the hidden eggs and loses a life whenever he touches an enemy, an enemy’s attack, a fire roast, or when he falls into a pitfall or a body of water.


These video game consoles from the 90s have made our childhood colorful and memorable.

While reading this, The good old days must have come across your mind when you used to throw your school bag and grab your video game console after returning from school.

Introduce your kids to these fun elements from your childhood and relish the best moments from the past.


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