A Dash of Motivation: 7 Effective Habits of Highly Successful People

effective habits of highly successful people

Do you remember how our parents used to push us to adopt “good habits” during our childhood? “Wake up early”, “brush your teeth”, “bathe twice a day”. So, is it that important to have good habits?

Well!, yes, they say you become what you practice, so why not practice the habits which will make you what you optate to become.

Considering all the successful and influential people of the world aside from the element of luck, they succeeded through practising positive habits.

Habits form 95% of an individuals behaviour. Whatever you are today and whatever you become in the near future is all because of your habits. Habits can be positive or negative, but the prosperous have habits that bring them proximate to their goals.

Now the big question arises if these positive habits can be such game-changers in life, why don’t we adopt them and make our name amongst the highly successful people?

7 Effective Habits of Highly Successful Individuals That Can Change Your Life

So here is a list of 7 Effective habits of highly successful, that you could follow daily to change your entire world.

Become an Early Riser

According to Corley’s research 50% of self-made billionaires rise 3 hours early from their actual start of the workday. No doubt, if you wake up early you get more hours to devote to being successful but it’s a hard task to wake up early. However, whatever is hard is worth doing. The habit of waking up before your rivals is gaining an advantage to make the most out of your day.
early riser
Our suggestion to you is to try waking up early for 1 month and you’ll end up liking it. You will certainly also notice a change in your life.

However, you need to make sure that you attain 9 hours of sleep daily to be productive, so waking up early automatically makes sleeping early a priority for you to be successful.

Workout is Necessary

workout and exercise
Exercise not only makes an individual feel positive but also increases the probability of an individual doing more positive things.

• It increases productivity and energy: More energy leads to more enthusiasm to perform a task leading to better productivity.
• Reduces stress of an individual: Makes an individual feel less pressured and starts new work fresh.
•Enhances creativity: An individual’s innovative thinking is positively affected, enhancing out of box ideas.
• Improves Memory: You’ll be less forgetful and you’ll have your to-do list on your tips.
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Read A Lot

Read A Lot
Corley’s survey showed 88% of wealthy respondents spent 30 minutes daily on reading. Reading definitely is a great way to educate oneself and enhance knowledge however, most successful people read biographies, histories and self-help books rather than entertainment books. Rags to riches stories, stories of rich dad poor dad, can definitely be of great help to any individual.

Regular reading leads to “positive cognitive consequences” which means that it strengthens your mind and fills it with knowledge making readers more successful than others.

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla, read 10 hours daily during his younger age. Bill gates the CEO of Microsoft reads a new book every other week.

Do Not Procrastinate and Use Time Wisely

For the riches time is money. If you waste your time scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix all day, then you certainly need to stop and introspect the consequences of your actions.

These social media sites and this virtual world might be the most unproductive and harmful activities for you to perform. If you understand how it affects you, you shall certainly look for other better things to spend hours on.

Sometimes these activities mentioned above make procrastination our habit. Procrastination is the most dangerous habit you could develop since it can be the greatest obstacle in your path to success.

The greatest reason to procrastinate is to avoid the pain of doing work. However, procrastination ultimately leads to stress, anxiety and an increased probability to make errors.

Planning Out

planning out
Warren Buffet once said, “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”
This powerful statement certainly makes planning an integral practice in the life of all successful people.

Every day make a list of things that you have to complete the next day and if you aren’t able to make that list a day prior make sure to make it in the morning just before you start your day.

Every minute spent in planning will save 10 minutes in its execution. This will not only clear your thoughts and goals but also help you focus more and increase 25% of work output daily.

If you feel that you can never achieve your dreams then let me tell you, making a plan to reach your dreams can make your dreams attainable.

Be Action-Oriented

What does Nike’s tagline say? Just do it! It is extremely vital for you to practically perform things, do work, take actions and not be afraid of failures. If you do not take action your planning is of no use, your dreams will just become a potential and not your reality. Continuously taking action is very crucial for material success.

You need to launch yourself with full enthusiasm and interest to perform an action that focuses upon your single goal.

Remember failure is a part of success with fear from failure you will never be able to take any action, therefore you need to enjoy the journey of ups and downs, of continuous action and learning.

Take Some time Out for Meditation, Relaxation and Introspection

It is important to introspect on the consequences of your actions while you’re in the marathon of working day and night.
Relaxation is the act of “taking a breath” in the fast-paced life of every individual.

Introspection and relaxation must be practised daily to collect our thoughts, be grateful for the platform we’ve achieved and determine our future.
Reflecting on our thoughts is extremely significant to resolve inner conflicts and prepare us for a better launch.


Success can not be achieved overnight. It is a gradual process that requires changing your lifestyle and habits. Success does not come easy, It is attained by those who are dedicated to their goals.
Hoping these effective habits of highly successful will help you achieve your goals. Remember to wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction.

Written By: Nehal Sharma


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