Announcing India’s First Clinically Tested Medicine for COVID-19 Management and Treatment AAYUDH Advance


  • AAYUDH Advance, a plant-based liquid formulation, processed using ‘quantum electro-mechanical physics‘, is found to be safe, without any known side effects

  • The results from extensive research and detailed human clinical trials reflect that COVID-19 patients recovered from the infection within one week, without any known side effects or drug-to-drug reactions or adverse effects.

  • One of the leading medical publication house, Elsevier, also acknowledged and published on the effectiveness of ‘AAYUDH Advance‘.

  • AAYUDH Advance is recommended by hundreds of doctors and has been used successfully to treat over 50,000 patients.

  • All COVID-19 patients who consumed AAYUDH Advance recovered successfully!

With the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc across the world, a breakthrough has been achieved to provide effective medical care and a treatment for COVID-19 patients.

From Left – Mr. Karna Shukla, Deap Shukla and Bhavesh Ashar, Directors, Shukla Ashar Impex Pvt. Ltd.

AAYUDH Advance, a plant-based liquid formulation, has been found to be highly effective and safe in not one but two detailed human clinical trials conducted at two government hospitals in Ahmedabad. After just four days of treatment with AAYUDH Advance, it successfully and effectively reduced the viral load in the patients, without any reported side effects. All the COVID-19 patients that were treated with ‘AAYUDH Advance‘ recovered (i.e. turned COVID Negative) and witnessed significant improvements in symptoms like body temperature, cough, and shortness of breath.

Aayudh Advance and Aayudh Maintain

The journal Contemporary Clinical Trials Communication, published by the worlds leading publisher of science and health information: Elsevier, recently made public that the supplemental treatment of AAYUDH Advance (along with Standard of Care) was safe and effective in mild symptomaticCOVID-19 patients. The research is also published on National Center for Biotechnology Information – National Institute of Health, Government of USA’s website at

The first human clinical trial and study was conducted in October 2020, at Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College and SVPIMSR, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad. The second human clinical trial was performed in January, 2021, at GMERS Medical College and Hospital, Sola, Ahmedabad. The first study examined its effect on mild symptomatic COVID-19 patients. The successful results of the first clinical study led to the subsequent study of a larger trial – moderately symptomatic COVID-19 patients with morbidities and co-morbidities. Co-morbid patients have a higher probability of developing complications of the COVID-19 disease. These patients were administered 15 ml of AAYUDH Advance four times a day and they recovered in just under four days!

Furthermore, ‘AAYUDH Advance‘ was found to be 3 times more effective than Remdesivir by Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) – Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

Made by Shukla AsharImpex Pvt. Ltd., in Gujarat, AAYUDH Advance is a liquid formulation comprising 21 different types of plant-based extracts. Ayurvedic scriptures report these ingredients to be effective and safe to be used for human consumption. These curative medicinal ingredients are processed using Quantum technology and Colloidal Sciences and are broken down to angstrom-sized (i.e. one-tenth of a nanometre) particles. This makes them far more effective.

Speaking about exceptional characteristics of the product, Mr. Deap Shukla, Managing Director, Shukla Ashar Impex Pvt. Ltd., said, “AAYUDH Advance starts where vaccines stop.” ‘AAYUDH Advance‘ is different from vaccines: Vaccines help develop antibodies against particular strains of the virus. However, they are known not to provide 100% protection against the disease. In comparison, ‘AAYUDH Advance‘ helps in the successful management of the disease when used concomitantly with the Standard recommended line of treatment.

AAYUDH Advance has completed two extensive clinical trials. It is recommended by hundreds of doctors and has been used to treat well over 50,000 patients. All COVID-19 patients who consumed AAYUDH Advance recovered successfully in just a week. Patients found AAYUDH Advance to be highly effective and safe in spite of their co-morbidities. The product has been approved by State FDCA (Ayurveda), Gujarat and licensed for manufacturing and marketing purposes.

Currently, two products fall under the umbrella of ‘AAYUDH‘: AAYUDH Advance and AAYUDH Maintain. As described, AAYUDH Advance is a safe and effective concomitant treatment for those who are diagnosed with COVID-19. However, the families of these patients must take extra care to safeguard themselves from contracting the virus; AAYUDH Maintain plays a pivotal role here.

AAYUDH Maintain‘ is a prophylactic health supplement that helps the body fight against threats or pathogens, and helps dispose them when found. ‘AAYUDH Maintain‘ works by enhancing the body’s immune system and improving its ability to detect pathogens. So far over 2,20,000 quarantined family members have been kept safe through Aayudh Maintain. This way, when a pathogen enters our body and tries to infect it, our body’s immune system is already vigilant and disposes of the pathogen before it gets a chance to spread in our body and make us sick.

What the experts say

“‘AAYUDH Advance‘ was found to be safe without any side effects, adverse effects or drug-to-drug reactions, when given concomitantly with Standard of Care (SOC) Treatment in moderate symptomatic COVID-19 patients with comorbidities (pre-existing health conditions). The reduction in viral load (inferred by the increase in CT value), in the case of AAYUDH Advance treatment, was found statistically significant (p<0.0001) within the group as compared to within the group comparison of Standard of Care Treatment alone (p<0.01) after 4 days of the treatment” – Dr. Parul Bhatt, Principal Investigator, GMERS Medical College and Hospital, Ahmedabad.

About Shukla AsharImpex Pvt. Ltd. ( (

Shukla Ashar Group was founded in 1952. At the Shukla Ashar Group, we are strong proponents of staying true to our roots while exploring the many possibilities that this world has to offer. Consequently, we are now further expanding and diversifying in efforts to meet the current needs of the world.

Over the years, we have transformed ourselves into a research-based company. We have combined the ancient sciences of cure and remedies with advances of Modern Sciences, namely Quantum Electro-Mechanical Physics and Colloidal Sciences, to present to the world the true power of plant-based and organic nano-particles. The Ayurvedic science guides us in combining the precise plant-based extracts, while Quantum Electro-Mechanical Physics and Colloidal Sciences miniaturize the products into nano sizes and exponentially increase their potencies and efficacies. Consequently, we have been able to develop a wide range of plant based nano products that answer many challenges faced in the fields of Agriculture, Health, Hygiene, Oral Care, Animal Care, Mosquito Control and Management, Cleaning, Soil Amendment and Detoxification, Waste Management, Degreasing, Flora and Fauna management, Oil Slick Management, and many more.

In short, we are all about overcoming globally-faced challenges and thereby transforming the quality of life!

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