Antica Ceramica Launched An Impeccable Array of “Brown Colored Tile Collection”

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“Neutral colors” are the best, to create the most welcoming interiors. Decorating your space with neutral colors like black, brown, white, gray, or beige offers numerous ways to add style and personality to your living spaces. The color Brown or even beige, which is among the neutral shades is extensively predominant in nature and signifies grounding, earthiness, and stability, and hence, brown is the best neutral color for the floors in modern homes. 

Keeping this in mind, “Antica Ceramica” a premium store for tiles and sanitary ware, has launched its exquisite collection of neutral brown colored tiles to add visual interest and contemporary designer solution for the luxurious flooring needs into your living spaces.

Brown Colour Tiles

The exquisite array of neutral brown colored tiles by ANTICA CERAMICA comprises wood look and granite look tiles that are artistically designed by skilled craftsmen. These elegantly customized tiles hold sophisticated textures and patterns to lift up your living spaces with a relaxing and vibrant look.

These tiles by Antica Ceramica are surely one of their kind, which comes with the excellent finishing touch and safety glazed porcelain coating which restricts it to be non-slippery and scratch-resistant. To infuse harmony and utmost perfection to your living room, guest room, bedroom, or lobby area this array of neutral brown colored tiles can artfully create a reminiscent of modern space with stylish and absolute distinctive flair.

Brown Colour Tiles

According to Mr. Rahul Bhugra, Director- Antica Ceramica, “this array of neutral brown colored tiles is best to introduce textural richness to your living space while wonderfully emitting a modern living zone and finer lifestyle”. These tiles are the most cost-effective investment to add a graceful look to your interior spaces for countless years.

The neutral brown colored tiles of this collection also excellently provide the added benefit to making small spaces look bigger and brighter. Even the tiles in this particular neutral shade by Antica Ceramica can aptly be matched with the décor and furniture of almost any room in the house, he further added.

Brown Colour Tiles

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