Apna.co Expands in Gujarat to Empower Blue and Grey Collar Job Aspirants

  • After a successful chapter in Ahmedabad, Apna.co now launched in Surat to support job aspirants

  • It will empower employers to hire a talented workforce in less than 48 hours

Apna.co, India’s largest professional networking platform dedicated to blue and grey collar workforce is now launched in Surat in the native language, Gujarati. Companies now have a new and easy way to find, interview and hire in less than 48 hours of posting a job. The launch of Apna.co will enable thousands of workers to get a digital professional identity for the first time and therefore easily showcase their skills and talent to the companies.

Nirmit Parikh, CEO & Co-founder, Apna

Apna.co comprises interest based vertical communities for skilled professionals like carpenters, painters, field sales agents, security guards, delivery personnel, masons, call centre representatives, accountants, tailors, beauticians, and many others. The platform has witnessed immense initial success in Ahmedabad with over 4 lakh users and has enabled over 1.2 million interviews to take place. The leading companies hiring through Apna.co in Surat comprise Swiggy, Byjus, Teamlease, Nobroker among others. At a national level, over 1 lakh companies are using the platform to identify blue and grey collared resources to provide more than 10 lakh job openings.

Apna.co fast tracks the hiring by creating a professional digital identity of the workers and connect with the HR directly. This is the platform advantage against the traditional non-digital methods comprising physical processes such as identifying vacancies, sending resumes over emails, interview, and selection. In Surat, there is a massive interest among the companies already and in just the first few hours of the launch, over 10,000 job applications have been registered.

Given the enterprising nature of the youth of Surat, Apna.co will play a critical role in democratizing access to employment and upskilling. The naturally occurring interactions in the virtual communities are poised to bring about a lot of potential for hyperlocal entrepreneurship and also boost the gig economy. Apna is slated to be the market leader with over 7 million users within 1.5 years. Over 2.7 million job interviews have been conducted in the last 30 days through the platform.

Apna.co has enabled Small and Medium Business Enterprises (SMBs) and global leading companies such as Amazon.com, Flipkart, BigBasket, Coffee Day, Fortis to hire highly talented candidates.

Nirmit Parikh, CEO & Co-founder, Apna, said, “We are thrilled to bring the disruption of Apna.co to Surat and enable the employers to find the most suitable candidates. We aim to create avenues of employment leading to prosperity and enable job search and career-building seamless for the candidates. Through the Apna platform in Gujarati script now, our frontline workers will for the first time get a digital identity, network with like-minded communities virtually, and continue to upgrade themselves.”

NurseryLive, India’s first online nursery brand and a long-term partner of Apna.co says, “We registered on Apna.co to hire for customer experience. We got over 150 screened profiles of interested candidates instantly and were able to hire the entire team within days, over calls and on chats alone. Apna is for all companies who wish to hire smartly.”

With a presence in 10 cities now, Apna.co aims to be present pan India and help create both formal and informal job opportunities to serve the talent at the bottom of the pyramid.

About Apna.co

Founded in 2019, Apna.co, India’s largest professional networking platform dedicated to blue and grey collar workforce, helps India’s burgeoning working class to unlock unique professional, networking, and skilling opportunities. Having raised capital from marquee investors like Lightspeed India and Sequoia Capital, Apna is on a mission to enable livelihoods for billions in India. With over 7 million users, present in 10 cities and counting, and over 1 lakh employers that trust the platform – India has a new destination to discover relevant opportunities.

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