Author Vijay Kumar Dewan Inspires Youth with The India Series


Former Techno Banker & Senior IT Professional – Vijay Kumar Dewan recently launched a telling 5 novel series titled ‘The India Series’. Published by BlueRose Publishers, a leading book publishing house in India, the author believes that the series is a must read for every Indian, especially for the present and future generations so as to enable them to become global citizens.

The India Series by Vijay Kumar Dewan

With over 900 Million Indians below the age of 35, and about 600 Million of them below the age of 25, author Vijay Kumar Dewan believes that the future of India is the hands of the youth. He decided to dive into the deep waters of India’s history to share untold stories of our country. Hence the series of books under the banner ‘The India Series‘, where he shares his experiences and learnings from his ventures into these vast topics.

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Dewan on this book. The moment he pitched the idea of a series about the depth of Indian history to us, we knew instantly that it was one that would connect with people across India on many levels. This series is definitely a unique approach to inspiring the youth of India to learn more about our country’s history and I am confident that it will leave a mark in this genre for years to come,” said Syed Asad Hassan, Managing Director of Blue Rose Publishers.

Speaking on the launch of his novel series, author Vijay Kumar Dewan said, “The way of progress is changing. We have to learn. We have to improve. We have to innovate. I was looking to create a knowledge bank. One that would inspire and encourage the young minds of our great country to learn more and further inspire generations to come. I’ve put a lot of thought and heart into these novels and I look forward to sharing them with people across India.”

The series includes 5 separate weighty novels, each diving into a different side of Indian history.

1) ‘Who Are We’: This novel includes an academic history of India right from the creation of the universe till the present day Kalyug (i.e. our independence). It speaks of how Space, Time, Energy and Matter were used to create the universe. The book also has details of ancient knowledge hubs, the various ancient universities, the origin of our Science and our inventions, our History, our Civilization, our Cultures and our Heritage.

2) ‘The Legendary Indians’: This novel dives into lesser known gems of India. It includes all about the legends of India from medieval times up until our independence, this novel includes all untold details about the various warrior Kings and their Dynasties, the great Social Reformers, the great Mathematicians, the great Scientists, the great Saints and the great Poets of India.

3) ‘Hunt for Treasure’: This book includes all about the various Incursions and Invasions of our great country, hunting for treasure of the Golden Bird “India“. The first ones to invade India from the Macedonian, followed by the Arabs, to the Turks, Mongolians, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Mughals and the British.

4) ‘The Untold Heroics’: A tell-all novel about the lesser known heroes of India. The revolutionary unsung heroes, the Heroic Son of India, the Indian Independence Movement and the most versatile details of the two undivided states of India: the original Punjab (most of which is now Pakistan) and the original Bengal (Most of which is now Bangladesh).

5) ‘The Ten Commandments’: This book in particular, is the authors crown jewel. All of the ten commandments mentioned in this book are addressed directly to Hon’ Prime Minister of India. The novel includes suggestive ways as to how India can become the number one nation in the World within the next ten years. The book is a vision for a futuristic India and a road map to regain the original status of the most advanced and richest country in the world.

It includes the Ten Commandments on Indian Agriculture, Indian Population, Indian Women, Indian Infrastructure, Indian Economy, Indian Democracy, Indian Politics, Indian Government, Indian Challenges and Indian Life.

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The author feels that the challenge for leaders is how to create situations where people are not afraid to try, where people can savour success to build up their self confidence, and where people can safely learn from their mistakes. Human beings have the gift of biological and psychological plasticity, the ability to adapt to changing environments with thoughtful and creative responses. Through ‘The India Series’, he seeks to ignite this thoughtfulness and creativity among the young minds of India.

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