Ayam Healthcare launches its Ayurveda Products in Retail Stores

Ayam Healthcare launches its Ayurveda Products in Retail Stores

Ayam Healthcare launched its products in retail stores. Meanwhile the products are also available through company online platform Jamun.com.

Dr. Ajayita Chanana, director Ayam Heathcare said that since online launch two years back, we have expanded our range from 2 products to 16 offerings with remedies ranging from sexual issues, hair care, stress relief to vigor & vitality. We have over 10,000 satisfied customers spread over 20 countries with over 95% positive customer feedback score, she asserted.

“We are also taking these products to the global world as we intend to make Ayurveda as popular as Yoga. With this in mind, we have set up a US company Ayam Inc as well. We will keep adding to our product profile, our next product will be I-Run, an oil for Arthritis treatment,”

Some of our top products include; I-Red Power Oil, I-Wonder Combo Hair Oil and I-Red & I-Paushtik Combo, she informed.

She said that sexual problems specifically in men are a taboo in the Indian society and these problems are growing worldwide due to stress & lifestyle challenges. Western medicines have their challenges and cannot be used safely by men with Diabetics & High blood pressure. In Ayurveda, there are no trustworthy brands and there are a lot of quacks selling all types of products.

We saw my patients suffering from these problems and decided to  bring our Ayurvedic formulations to the mass market to help more & more patients, she maintained.


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