An Ingenious Agripreneur Revoltiuonizing The Jaggery Manufacturing

Bathalana Jaggery Hygienic Jaggery Manufacturing

Who has thought that Jaggery Manufacturing can be a profitable business prospect? 

A Young Agripreneur Mr. Sukhvir Singh,25, founder of “Bathlana Jaggery” has proved that agriculture is not always a dead end instead, with innovation and hard work it can turn out to be a profitable venture.

Bathlana Jaggery” is established in 2021, and within less than a span of a year, it has witnessed great profit & fame.

The name of the venture is coined from the village it is situated in. Bathlana is a village, just a 20-minute drive from Mohali near Airport Road.

Jaggery Manufacturing After Masters in Commerce: An Supreme U-Turn of Career 

Many young engineers, architects, or you may say degree holders in India are quitting their flourishing jobs in MNCs, ditching their company, and choosing farming as a full-time profession for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Although, Going back to the roots and commencing something from scratch is not at all easy. 

Founder of Bathlana Jaggery

Sukhvir Singh has done Masters in Commerce from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Sector 26 Chandigarh. 

Followed by his M.Com, on the insistence of his parents joined a Private company but He wasn’t prepared to work as an employee as he has an entrepreneurial mindset.

He was inclined towards his traditions and felt more connected to his roots and his thought process is to make most of out of the available resources that he has got from his ancestors.

Also, his notion was to achieve easy success with less pressure but success doesn’t come easy. Even when he established the Jaggery Manufacturing Venture, he has lost almost 8 kg weight in the initial days.  

However, there are a few people who have ascertained time and again that everything is feasible when you are aligned with your mission or purpose in life.

9 Variations of Jaggery: Jaggery Manufacturing Explored Impeccably

Yes, you heard it right, Bathlana Jaggery is exploring jaggery manufacturing as it makes 9 types of jaggery, and that too in a hygienic set up. This is what makes it unique.

Mr. Sukhvir Singh was always concerned about the health issues caused by chemical-treated Sugar. Then he came up with this low-calorie alternative to Sugar. 

It is the process of adopting new methods and techniques in agriculture or the associated parts of agriculture for better output and economic earnings. Gradually, the sales improved & they started getting profit.

Jaggery is a by-product of sugarcane which is a seasonal crop so meanwhile, Sukhvir takes time out from his hectic schedule to research other agro-based products to evolve his venture.

Bathlana Jaggery” has 9 variations of jaggery which include Cocoa Jaggery & Carrot Jaggery to trick kids to have the jaggery as it has several health benefits, they are renowned for their gachaks as well.

Youth Creating Employment for the Youth: No Work is Small 

Bathlana Jaggery’s founder Mr Sukhvir Singh is blessed with a distinctive entrepreneurial mindset as he is concerned about his end-users health which makes him consider every possible addon to make a healthy version of jaggery.

Additionally, He believes that no work is small. If a person has a zeal to achieve something in his life he will achieve it ultimately, no matter what he is doing.

With this concept, he is creating employment for the youngsters. Apparently, a growing firm requires more manpower. Sukhvir Singh is unstoppable as he aspires to bloom “Bathlana Jaggery” and is indeed an inspiration for numerous.

Written by: Jaspreet Kaur


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