Styling is Fun With These Cute Hair Accessories For Short Hair

Hair Accessories For Short Hair

How you style your hair completely changes your look. Accessorize your and experiment with styling to transform into an all-new stunner. Hey fashionistas out there, We are here with must-have hair accessories for short hair.

Although, hair accessories look dazzling on any hair length. But the girls with long hair or medium-length hair can try different hairstyles like braids, buns, or updos so perfectly. 

The real struggle is styling short hair. Hair accessories make it effortless and fun. Short hair gives a chic look and pairing it with hair accessories glamourizes your entire appearance, making you look younger.

11 Must-Have Trendy Hair Accessories For Short Hair

Most women prefer long hair because there is a notion that short hair has limited styling options. Hairstyles for short hair are indeed fewer when compared to long hair.

However, there comes a time in every girl’s life when she desires to chop their hair short. 

You can be creative with your short hair by styling them with different hair accessories. Here are the trendy hair accessories for short hair:  

1) Colored Metal Bobby Pin 

Bobby pins have always been there to keep flyaways or hair strands in place for any or every hair. These days bobby pins are not only for this purpose but are used in styling hair prominently.

Colored Metal Bobby Pin

Colored Metal bobby pins are one of the best hair accessories for short hair, which are perfect for bobby pin artwork to get a chic look. Colorful bobby pins artwork to jazz up your short haircut, taking out the dapper in You in seconds.

Tips For Colored Metal Bobby Pin Artwork:

  • Use hair spray on pins to avoid pins slipping out, and make them stay in their place.
  • Try different geometric shapes like a cross, triangle, square, rhombus, star, hashtag, etc.
  • Use contrasting colors or multi-color bobby pins for funky artwork to compliment your short locks.

2) Pearl Pins & Clips 

Pearls add that royal hint to your overall appearance. You might have seen princesses in that Disney cartoons who used to wear pearl accessories, as they are regal yet minimalistic. 

Pearl Pins & Clips

Pearl studded tic-tac is so easy to style. You can wear the pearl clips in multiple ways, but I appreciate stacking them on one side. 

Whereas pearl pins are the best to style a bun, Pearl pins help hold your bun in place and bedazzle a basic bun. 

Quick Hairstyles For Short Hair With Pearl Pins & Clips 

  • Side-part your hair (obviously, consider your face profile for side-part), then stack as many pearl clips you want on the section with lesser hair. 
  • Make a French Braid or Fishtail and beautify it with pearl pins for a party or wedding.
  • Tie a low ponytail and adorn it with a pearl pin. Isn’t it as quick as a flash?

3) Hollow Clip

Hollow clips are another trending hair accessory that goes with all types of hair, no matter whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or short or long hair. 

Hollow Clip

In addition, Hollow clips are available in various shapes, but you can find them popularly in the designs like a kitty, bow, star, and geometric figures. 

How To Style Hollow Clips 

  • Simply, grab your hair from the crown section or right behind your ears and tuck them using a hollow clip. Done! and here you go.
  • Side-part your hair and put a hollow clip behind your ear on the hair section with less hair. 

4) The Oversized Scrunchie

Scrunchies – staple hair accessories, If not on your hair, it rules on your wrist. Scrunchies are getting bigger with each passing day; as a result, we have these oversized scrunchies, which tie your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun.

Oversized Scrunchie

Why Oversized Scrunchies Are Girl’s Favorite:

  • Scrunchies are available in different fabrics, like silk, satin, velvet, leather, etc. 
  • The best thing about scrunchies is that you can sew your scrunchie in the desired size. A whole lot of DIYs are there on the internet.
  • Scrunchies are not merely a hair-tie. You can accessorize with a tee for a casual or happy-go-lucky look.

5) Accessorized Headband

Headbands are clothing bands with elasticity to be worn around the forehead. Traditionally, headbands were used to avoid hair on the face or eyes. 

Accessorized Headband

Accessorized headbands come with pearls and beads for a traditional chic makeover. Get your embellished headband on, and you are ready for a party.

In addition, For an instant party look, accessorized headbands are the must-have for a short haircut.

Accessorized Headbands In Trend:

  • Beaded headband with intricate animal prints.
  • Themed colorful headbands.
  • Pearled headbands
  • Girlish headbands embellished with artificial flowers or a bow tie.

6) Knotted Headband or Twisted Headband

Another headband in the public eye for the perfect chic appearance is, Knotted or Twisted Headband which is also popularly known as the turban headband.

Knotted Headband

You can style the knotted or middle-twist version of headbands for a traditional yet modern fashion approach. In other words, It gives you a casual look for summer that gets your hair out of your face. 

Fashionable Styling With Knotted/Twisted Headband:

  • Firstly, the twisted headband beautifully compliments the curls.
  • Secondly, the turban headband can be styled with a high bun for a flawless appearance.
  • Most importantly, You can create your turban headband from a bandana.

7) Claw Clips

The claw clips will punch you with nostalgia at the first sight. These claw clips are back in trend again for being the only clamp that actually gathers all your hair in one place in a fraction of a second. 

Claw Clips

Moreover, the claw clips are perfect for the half updo hairstyle, they secure your hair firmly in place.

Thus, For short hair, tiny or medium claw clips are perfect, or you can pick one as per your hair type & the volume it has.

One Claw Clip For Endless Hairstyles:

  • Half Updo Hairstyle 
  • A Messy bun, Or a neat bun
  • Low Ponytail
  • Crown Braid 

8) Tiny Butterfly Clips 

The fancy tiny butterflies were the talk of the town in early 2000. These little butterfly clips will take you back to your childhood. Above all, tiny butterfly clips are one of the best hair accessories for easy hairstyles for short hair, especially. 

Tiny Butterfly Clips

Also, known as the mini jaw claws can be styled in various ways and are available in different vibrant colors.

Get That Funky Hairstyle With Tiny Butterfly Clips:

  • Tiny butterfly clip hairstyles are so uncomplicated. It just requires taking out a few sections of hair and placing butterfly clips.
  • Similarly, For a girly look, you can wear colorful butterfly clips, else for a regal princess hairstyle golden or silver metal butterfly clips are good to go. (the princess hairstyle is best for wedding parties.)

9) Hair Beads 

Hair beads are quite similar to butterfly clips and they too take you back to the days when you were a little girl and your mom used to beautify your hair with these colorful beads. 

Hair Beads

How to Style Hair Beads:

  • Hair beads can be used to elaborate any hairstyle. Front braids, two-strand twists.
  • Beads transform your usual boring tresses into a quirky hairstyle by putting beads on the perfectly brushed hair.

10) Boho Hair Accessories

Embellish your hair with boho or tribal accessories for a boho-chic look. Boho accessories are generally jewelry made for the hair which is primarily styled in the front french braid.

Boho Hair Accessories

However, boho accessories are one of the remarkable hair accessories for short hair for bizarre & unique hairstyles. 

Boho Accessories are a New Trend: 

  • College-going girls love to experiment with their boho accessories for casual styling.
  • Try boho accessories for a beach party for the classic tribal appearance.

11) Head scarfs & Headwraps

Headscarfs or Headswraps are kinda all in one hair accessories. A headscarf can be a hair tie to gather your hair into a ponytail, a headscarf for a voluminous messy bun.

Head scarfs & Headwraps

In addition, If you don’t have a turban headband, a headscarf is at your disposal, wrap it around your head and there you have a perfect customizable headband. 

Headscarf Is For A Bad Hair Day:

Having a bad hair day, grab a scarf and try different hairstyles like:

  • Simple low ponytail with a headscarf.
  • A Headscarf French Braid.
  • For that tom-boy look, just cover your head with a headwrap. 
  • Headscarf Messy Bun Wrap. 

In conclusion, these hair accessories make styling easy and quick. Most importantly, they won’t be heavy on your pocket. Get these hair accessories and try various hairstyles to channel the fashionista in you. Therefore, steal the glances with your everyday styling just with the hair accessories.

Written By: Jaspreet Kaur 

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