Dev Samaj Mahotsava Starts in Premises of Dev Samaj College of Education

Dev Samaj Mahotsava starts in premises of Dev Samaj College of Education

The 171st Birth Anniversary celebrations of  Bhagwan Dev Atma, the founder of Dev Samaj, have started at Dev Samaj Bhawan , in the premises of Dev Samaj College for Education(DSCE), Sector 36-B, here. The event saw discourses on social ethics and moral culture. Bhajan Gayan by students of different Dev Samaj Institutions was also held.

The Dev Samaj Mahotsava began with ‘Pravesh Sabha’  address,  by Member, Dev Samaj Managing Council and  Principal, Dev Samaj College of Education Sec 36-B , Chandigarh, Dr. Agnese Dhillon. “Dev Samaj is playing a crucial role in the betterment of society and women’s education. Dev Samaj  also aims at strengthening relationships, creating a drug free society and also focuses on eradicating discrimination on the basis of caste and creed.” Said Dr Dhillon.

Elaborating on the uniqueness of Dev Samaj, she highlighted that the followers of Dev Samaj practice a secular morality for health and upliftment of the soul. In Dev Samaj each member is guided towards attaining moral and spiritual well-being by cultivating higher virtues of love, sacrifice, altruism, truthfulness and gratitude. To make the younger generation aware of the importance of relationships special days marking ‘pati-patni diwas’, ‘bhai-bhagini diwas’, ‘maalik –sewak diwas’, ‘maat-pita santan diwas’ etc are observed with full fervor during the entire year at Dev Samaj Institutions. What is unique about Dev Samaj is the awakening and cultivating of our bond with the four orders of existence – Humans, Animal world, Plant world and even the inanimate world of stones, air, light and water.  

The discourse was then followed by Bhajan Sandhya performed by the students of Dev Samaj Institutions.

Remembering the divine soul and his teachings, Secretary, Dev Samaj, Shriman Nirmal Singh Dhillon Ji delivered an enlightening lecture on ‘ Dev Jeewandhari Devatma’. Shrimanji emphasized the necessity of imbibing scientific temper to understand and connect with the philosophy of the revered soul. He apprised the gathering about the struggles faced by Bhagwan Dev Atma ji during his time to empower the girl child. He further guided people to follow the path of internal truth and justice, in order to make this world a better place for the coming generations.

Strict COVID protocols are being followed at the Mahotsava.

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