All Breed Open Dog Show Organized at Science City

Dog Show Organized at Science City

Dogs Are Playing an Important Role in Human Life: Brig Bajaj

Dogs are playing an important role in human life. Dogs have been contributing in different fields,  like hunting, protection assisting police and Military, Companionship, Aiding handicaps individual,  space and medical research. It is well known Laika (dog)  became the first animal to orbit around the earth. These views were expressed by  Brig. A.S  Bajaj president selection Board  Kapurthala on the occasion of  11th and 12th  Dog show at Science City.

Further, he said, with an incredible sense of smell, dog can smell things 10 thousand times greater than a human can.  A well-trained sniffer dog is used in detection explosives,  illegal drug,  theft, and various other crimes.

Result of Dog Show:  Ring-1  First prize Rs.10000 has been clinched by Rottweiler, the second prize goes to German Shepherd  (Rs 6000) and Samoyed got a third prize (Rs3000)

Ring -2 Samoyed got a first prize (Rs10000), second prize bagged by German Shepherd (Rs 6000) and Labrador stood third (Rs3000) . 

Dr. Neelima Jearth, Director General Science City, said that Domesticated animals and plants form a critical part of human civilization and culture. This important gene pool has been promoted, conserved and used by man for its economic, ecological and cultural value. Dogs constitute an important part of the domesticated faunal gene pool as several breeds are used for working, sporting, herding, hunting and toys. The world canine organization is the largest registry of dog breeds in the world. It recognizes 339 breeds of dogs divided into10 groups. Several breeds like the Caravan Hound, Rajapalyam Hound, Rampur Hound, Venjari Hound, Santal Hound, Indian MASTIFF, Indian Pariah Dog, Himalayan Sheep Dog, Bullu Kutta, etc. are indigenous breeds.

On This occasion  Dr. Rajesh Grover, Director Science City said that In human-populated landscapes, domestic dogs are the most abundant terrestrial carnivores, with a global population close to a billion. In India, the total dog population is estimated to be about 60 million. All dogs are part of the same species, but their genes can dictate whether they are Chihuahua or a Great Dane. There can be a lot of variation in genes that make up the genetic diversity of dogs in terms of colors, sizes, and shapes. There is need to bring awareness in the society about faunal biodiversity with a focus on salient features of various breeds of dogs.

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