Door-to-door Garbage Collection To Make Panchkula a ‘Dustbin Free City’

Door-to-door Garbage Collection To Make Panchkula a 'Dustbin Free City'

Panchkula Mayor, Kulbhushan Goyal, got an approved Rs. 119 crore annual budget with 21 agendas by the general house. The aim is to make the city clean and green. Door-to-door garbage collection is one of the items on the agenda.

Municipal Corporation Panchkula:

 The Municipal Corporation of Panchkula set new norms for the collection of garbage in the city and asked garbage collectors to collect waste according to these norms. The aim of this scheme is to make Panchkula a “Dustbin Free City” and also, with this corporation, gear up for the improvement of the ranking in the nationwide “Swachh Survekshan” survey, because the city got 43rd position in the 2020 survey and 99th in the 2021 survey. 

The Resident Welfare Association has been raising the matter in the past that the garbage collector of the city is charging Rs 70-150 from each house in the same areas because of this resident’s complaint that the authority had to come up with a solution to this and also a complaint that the segregation of the waste was done in the city itself. The authority had stated that they were coming up with a solid waste management plant.

Garbage Collection Vans:

There is no such improvement in garbage collection, which leads to an unhygienic environment of the city. For the successful implementation of door-to-door garbage collection, the municipal corporation signed a contract with a private firm that provides them with employees and garbage collection vans, which help them, to collect garbage from every house. MC has started with 44 vans in the city that have GPS systems installed in them, and the commissioner of MC, Panchkula, said that within a few months they will be able to cover the entire city. But, the number of vans is not sufficient for collection of waste in cities like Panchkula, where Mc said that in a few weeks they are coming up with nearly 40-45 more vans which will be soon installed in the city for implementation of the new method.

Garbage Collection Vans

The residents of Panchkula are not impressed with the new garbage collectors. Some of the residents said that there are no helpers with garbage pickup vehicles, where Mc said that there are two to three collectors with drivers of vans. The hasty collection process and the inaudible speakers that are installed on the vehicles mean that by the time one comes out of the house, the vehicle is at the other end of the street. This has emerged as a major issue for the public. 

Some residents also shared mixed feelings over the garbage collection process. They said that the new project, which was started by the municipal corporation of Panchkula, is very good, because in other states like Delhi, indoor etc. this process proved successful in completing the aims of making a city clean and green, but it has not succeeded in Panchkula because there is no good system of implementation of this project. They also suggested that collectors be given more training on this subject.

The Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Panchkula said that they sincerely have full hope that the steps which are being taken by the commission will definitely prove to be successful in coming time. The steps which are being taken are for the people and they pay attention that people have not to face any problem due to these steps. They also said that from time to time, if there is any complaint by the people, it will definitely be resolved.

Protest By Old Garbage Collectors:

The Municipal Corporation had acquired the new employees for the garbage collection by replacing the old garbage collectors, and the old garbage collectors started protesting against the Municipal Corporation at sector 14 Panchkula. Under the new system, a private company was hired to take over the garbage collection system. Nearly 300 employees were expected to transfer to the private company, which offered a monthly salary of Rs 15,000 to each employee. They also said that the old garbage collector came daily to their house for garbage collection. They came and rang the bell of the house and picked up garbage on their own. Old garbage collectors have been free to lose their livelihoods because the government moved to private firms. 

Protest By Old Garbage Collectors

The corporation also shut down the contract system and took the garbage management system from collection of waste from each house to its disposal, so that garbage does not spread on the streets of the city. The corporation also said that they were used to getting complaints that the vehicles used by the old garbage collectors in the city for garbage collection had too little capacity as they used them for collection of waste, and the reason for that was that waste fell on the roadside, which led to dirt in the city. To avoid this corporation took the decision to install new vans for garbage collection in the city. The corporation also wants to stop the collection of money from residential areas. The old garbage collectors collected money for garbage collection from people. It started with Rs 10 from each house and increased to Rs 100 from each house in a few decades. They also collected Rs 150 from some houses.

MC Commissioner said that before starting this system, they were talking to the old garbage collectors to join as helpers in the new garbage collection system. They didn’t want to replace the old garbage collectors and hire the new ones. If they didn’t agree, then they would hire new garbage collectors.

The Commission also says that they are still talking to the old garbage collectors that they can still join this system and some of them have agreed to join the new system.

Weaknesses in Implementation Process:

The Muncipal Corporation of Panchkula uses the community centre in sector 12 for the parking of garbage collection vans because they don’t have any planned place for parking of vans. They also used to throw garbage in the open ground of Sector 23 Panchkula because there was no proper place to throw garbage, resulting in an unsanitary and diseased environment in the city. Also make small dumping grounds in every sector where the entire waste of that sector is collected. The garbage collect is take place in middle of sector because of that sectors were not remain clean

The commissioner of Muncipal Corporation said that soon they will be able to manage and correct mistakes, make more steps and plan to implement this project successfully. They will start the construction of every community centre in the city and make them well maintained and useful for people, giving a separate parking place for vans in the city. Garbage has also been bonded to be thrown in Sector 23, and they will soon clean that ground and begin the waste management plant known as Juriwala dumping ground which is at the outskirt of city. They also stop to collect garbage in the middle of the sector; the garbage will go straight to the dumping area through vans.

Written By: Harshit Chadha

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