Dubai Based Immigration Consultancy: Vazir Group

Dubai based Immigration Consultancy

Dubai based Immigration Consultancy Vazir Group eyes the Indian market declares its India plan.

Migration Expert Gaetano Giornofelice of Dubai’s Vazir Group: Investment of Rs. 25 lakhs could get you immigration under the Canadian Foreign Worker Program.

Dubai headquartered Immigration consultancy Vazir Group has declared a Free ‘Migration. Through Invest Mentoring Tour’ alongside one-on-one consultancy meetings in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and its neighboring urban areas not long from now.

The Expert association that has been in the migration business for longer than 10 years, has effectively helped more than a great many families to move to their goals of decision.

The Company represents considerable authority in Immigration for Investors and Entrepreneurs and the Canadian Foreign Worker program and has effectively wandered into different topographies like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Lebanon and Egypt in recent years, through its workplaces in Canada and the UAE. It has helped a few people and families with their migration complexities.

Gaetano Giornofelice, Senior Immigration Mentor, Vazir Group said, “During the India visit, Vazir Group will acquaint hopeful people with the Canadian Foreign Worker program where people can move to Canada in as right on time as a half year and for as meager as 50,000 dollars, which is about Rs 25 lakhs and the Canadian Entrepreneur Program that awards changeless home while the candidate is in their nation of origin. Also, the Canadian Immigration for Entrepreneurs can be acquired in record preparing times.”

It is vital that the quantity of Indians, who became changeless occupants in Canada expanded from 39,340 of every 2016 to 80,685 out of 2019, through the initial 11 months of 2019, an expansion of over 105%, as per a National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) examination of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada data. Entire year Canadian measurements show more than 85,000 Indian migrants in 2019.

The Vazir Group has additionally uncovered its exclusive Cyprus movement program at a cost that is over 75% not as much as that prevailing. The venture which is for the most part in the land segment ordinarily costs between 2.5 to 2.9 million Euros. Notwithstanding, Vazir Group is the main expert over the area that offers a similar movement at an unimportant 6,88,000 Euros through a financing program.

Gaetano Giornofelice further said, “regardless of the similarly elevated level of speculation required, Cyprus stays the main decision for business experts over the locale claiming to the visa’s ground-breaking status. Our select program presently makes EU citizenship much progressively open for a more extensive cross-area of candidates.

Notwithstanding Cyprus, we have conceived comparative projects for Greece and Turkey, which come at a small amount of the expense. We plan to make the procurement of residencies increasingly open for burning candidates through our experience and administration arrange over these areas.”

The Vazir Group Immigration Consultancy arrangement of occasions is booked for not long from now. It is relevant to state here that the India adventure will be an introduction to the foundation of Vazir Group’s biggest branch office in India.

Summarizes Giornofelice, “India is without a doubt a clamoring pool of hopeful ability and thoughts and we have been blessed enough to help a few candidates in making sure about their future through our Dubai workplaces.

Be that as it may, understanding the ongoing flood and increment in speculators from India, assistance on home ground was the undeniable move. Our group and procedure include our in house lawful experts, documentation examiners with legislative experience and master advisors that permit us to keep up our 99% + achievement rate for covetous candidates.”


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