Panchkula, March 20:

As many as 50 senior citizens attended an ENT check-up camp here today. The camp which was followed by a health talk was organized by Alchemist Hospital with the collaboration of Senior Citizen Association, Panchkula.

While addressing talk, Dr. Prachi Jain, ENT specialist explained about myths and facts related to ENT problems.

She said, there is myth that ears need to be cleaned regularly by removing the wax but this is not right. Wax is not a dirt and does not need to be cleaned out.

“Ears should be cleaned only when there is excessive secretion of wax, as in about 5-10% of cases. Even in such cases, the ear should be cleaned after lubrication and that too by a trained person. Oil should never be used as a pain-reliever inside the ear. If there is pain in ear see a specialist.”

She further said that people think that short haired animals don’t cause allergy but the fact is neither an animal’s fur, nor its length is the culprit in allergies. The real culprit of allergy is a protein found in the animal’s saliva or skin.

Dr. Prachi further explained on how nose bleeding can be helped by placing a cotton ball soaked in Afrin nasal spray into the nose and pinching it gently closed, and holding the head slightly tilted forward so excess blood can drain forward. Head should not be thrown backward because it will not let the excess blood drain out.

Meanwhile, during camp blood, sugar test and free hearing checkup were also offered free of cost to the senior citizens.

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