EquityPandit Introduces Super Compounding of Wealth with its Power Plan


All of us have heard about the magic of compounding and how ones wealth grows with compounding effects over time. But now forget compounding, this is the time for Super-Compounding.

EquityPandit Power Plan

EquityPandit, India’s Leading Equity Research Company introduces the Super-Compounding effect with its power plan. EquityPandit refers to Super-compounding as the multiple loops of compounding inside each loop. The product offered by EquityPandit named as Power Plan is designed with a Super-compounding effect that helps in the exponential growth of Investor’s wealth over time. The product helps in income generation as well as wealth creation.

Power plans help you to grab most of the opportunities, both during the market and off the market. This means that the product helps you generate profits when you are awake as well as while sleeping.

EquityPandit Power Plan is a strategic combination of Intraday Trading, BTST-STBT (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow and vice versa), Short Term Momentum Investments and Long Term Investments in multibaggers which helps in super compounding. Through this strategic combination, the investor can grow his wealth exponentially with a small margin amount reinvested multiple times.

A well-required combination of Intraday and Positional trading, short term and long term investing, guidance on Mutual funds and IPOs and regular training and workshops on trading and investment strategies makes this a perfect service for me,” says, Ashish Sharma, a Mumbai-based software engineer. Rahul Jain, a Delhi-based businessman says that this is a complete product anyone would ever require for his investing and trading needs. While Hiren Patel from Gujarat says that EquityPandits Power Plan helps with proper fund allocation that helps to generate profits in all the segments.

EquityPandit Power plan is getting quite popular among working professionals, traders, and investors as it is an end-to-end product, intelligently designed, with a Super-compounding effect and providing complete guidance any investor or trader will ever need for his trading or investing needs.

EquityPandit’s management says that the Power plan is the need of an hour. When everything is uncertain in COVID times, it is very important that every individual should have a passive source of income to avoid any unpredictable instances. Financial independence can be achieved if anyone follows this product consistently with proper discipline. The main aim of the Power Plan is to increase the Alpha. Alpha in investing refers to Investment’s strategy to beat the market or excess returns generated as compared to the market returns.

Investors and Traders can know more about EquityPandit’s Power Plan at Power Plan.

Disclaimer: Investment/Trading in stock market is subject to market risk.

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