90s Famous Doordharshan Show is Back: Yes, Shaktiman is Back


Are You Want to Live Your “Bachpan” Back?

After mainstream request, Doordarshan has declared that Shaktimaan is back and will be re-communicated on the channel to keep every one of us occupied and to help us to remember past times worth remembering.

Hardcore Shaktimaan fans requested to welcome the show on TV after Doordarshan re-communicate exemplary shows like Ramayana and Mahabharat.

Indeed, believe it or not.

Doordarshan is good to go to bring back India’s first superhuman show on TV, that has been a fundamental piece of each 90 children, in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown and we positively don’t have any protests.

Mukesh Khanna, the on-screen character who played Shaktimaan shared the news on Twitter.

As per India TV, in a meeting with Bombay Times he likewise uncovered that the continuation of the show is in works.

He stated:

“For the last three years, we have been working towards bringing out the second edition of Shaktimaan, which is contemporary but rooted in our values.

We were working on the sequel because people wanted to know, aage kya hua?”

Back then, watching this show was a family movement where the whole family would sit together every Sunday for one hour strictly and see Shaktimaan battle wrongdoing and we are prepared to re-live those days once more.

Obviously, fans were additionally cheerful and are anxiously standing by to marathon watch the show once more.

The Bit About 90’s Favorite Superhero


Aside from numerous funnies arrangement, ‘Shaktimaan’ was the first superhuman arrangement which was circulated on TV.

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First Premiered on thirteenth September 1997 on DD National, it made the greatest imprint in the core of 90’s children.

Children and seniors of each age began observing each scene of it, without missing the equivalent.

It was delivered by the Mukesh Khanna and coordinated by Dinker Jani under the standard Bheeshm International, which is claimed by the Mukesh Khanna.

The fundamental characters were Shaktimaan or Gangadhar played by Mukesh Khanna, Geeta Vishwas played by Vaishnavi Mahant and Tamraj Kilvish played by Surendra Pal.

At first, ‘Shaktimaan’ was publicized on Saturday, because of which numerous children began bunking their classes to watch the scenes. In any case, after some time, it began airing on Sunday, on request of numerous 90’s children and guardians.

Who was ‘Shaktimaan?’

Shaktimaan was the fundamental Superhero of the arrangement and was acquainted with executing the supervillain Tamraj Kilvish. Under the gift and preparing of his 7 masters, he got the extraordinary forces.

Other than slaughtering Kilvish, his first point was to annihilate the shrewdness inside the individuals and wake them to follow the Truth.

Be that as it may, that was not all that simple, since… you may figure! why?

“Chhoti Magar Moti Baatein”

Famous Doordharshan Show
Famous Doordharshan Show

A long time after the fruitful running of the show, the maker of the show Mukesh Khanna started a smaller than usual instructive show, which was planned soon after the shaktiman is back.

The name of the show was given as ‘Chhoti Magar Moti Baatein.’

The run time of the show was around 10-15 minutes.

The fundamental adage of the show was to develop the children for good habits and practices.

It shows various possibilities of good and negative behavior patterns.

The show introduced various kinds of little storylines, identified with the typical existence of the children’s.

So every child relates themselves with the narrative of the show and learns.

In the show, in the event that any child gets out of hand and did a few slip-ups, at that point Shaktimaan used to show up and cautions the children for the equivalent. In the answer, youngsters used to state ‘Sorry Shaktimaan… !!!’

This little expression ‘Sorry Shaktimaan!’ offered to ascend to various images, which is being coursed on the web from that opportunity to till yet.

You can live yor childhood again with Doordarshans on Air show, shaktiman is back.


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