Famous Personality of Tricity Proved Success – Harbhajan Kaur

Harbhajan Kaur

Grandma who’s 94 years old famous for making besan laddoo is the famous personality of tricity.

Does Miracle happen?

Yes, Miracle happened and people have proved so.

People have proved extraordinary Performances in different fields with their passion and hard work.

Let us know about this personality who comes out as a bunch of motivation.

Harbhajan Kaur 94 years old woman (grandma)

started her pioneering venture four years prior.

She was urged by her little girl to begin the brand called ‘Harbhajan’s’.

She makes natural besan ki barfi and her girl sells them at the natural mandi in Chandigarh.

Her little girl uncovers that Harbhajan once communicated that “she has not earned a solitary penny from her own” and these words struck to her heart.

Hearing this she recommended that Harbhajan begin making besan ki barfi. Which made her in the best famous personalities of Tricity.

You are never too old to even consider following your fantasies and there’s no preferred model over Chandigarh occupant Harbhajan Kaur, who went into business at 94 years old.

How did grandma start cooking as an entrepreneur?

“She is so gifted in cooking, in our youth we never went out to eat. She made everything at home – desserts, chocolates, sharbat, and so forth.,” says her girl.

 besan ki barfi by  Harbhajan Kaur
besan ki barfi by Harbhajan Kaur

“Each winter, she used to make besan ki barfi for the whole family – our eating table used to be loaded up with barfi.”

Besan ki barfi is Harbhajan’s mark dish and everybody recollects her through her delightful besan ki barfi.

So her little girl urged her to make and sell them.

94-year-old entrepreneur, Harbhajan Kaur, Chandigarh, Harbhajan Kaur ‘besan ki barfi viral story

What began as an easygoing discussion before long showed into an “on-orders-just” business.

You are never too old to even consider following your fantasies and there’s no preferred model over Chandigarh occupant Harbhajan Kaur, who went into business at 94 years old.

In 2016, Kaur trusted in her little girl Raveena Suri that she felt down and out at not having earned her living every one of these years.

Mindful of her mom’s cooking abilities, Suri chose to inspire her then 90-year-old mother to sell her undisputed top choice “besan ki barfi”.

“Although she has been making barfi for a very long time, it was distinctly for the individuals from the house.

In any case, when she communicated that she has never earned all alone, I chose to give her a push,” Suri told the in a telephonic meeting.

Harbhajan Kaur
Harbhajan Kaur

Kaur and her little girl at that point began visiting the nearby market in Sector-18 to sell the sweet.

Be that as it may, what began as an end of the week startup before long turned into an “on-orders-just” endeavor, with Kaur selling her specialties under the brand name Harbhajan’s and the slogan “Bachpan Yaad aajaega (you’ll recollect your adolescence)”.

“She makes just on requests and individuals come to gather the crisply made desserts,” Suri said.

She dreamed to be an entrepreneur which made her the famous personality of tricity.

When gotten some information about the mind-boggling reaction, Suri stated, “She is always appreciative.

Besides, this can be a message for all individuals of such age bunches that everyone can accomplish something, She generally says, ‘better to wear out for rust’.

Also, as youngsters, we should propel them so their life turns out to be increasingly important.”

Kaur’s achievement has drawn approvals from many, including business head honcho Anand Mahindra, who called her his “business visionary of the year”.

“At the point when you hear the word ‘fire up,’ it infers pictures of twenty to thirty-year-olds in Silicon Valley or Bengaluru attempting to manufacture billion-dollar ‘unicorns.’

From now on we should likewise incorporate a 94-year-elderly person who doesn’t believe it’s past the point where it is possible to do a beginning up.

She’s my business visionary of the year,” he said in a tweet.

She proved her success and dream and became the best famous personality amongst us.

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