FieldAssist, Best-in-class Sales Automation Platform, Launches New Features to Empower Businesses Amidst the Pandemic

  • The brand is helping FMCG businesses to adapt to the new normal with its real-time analytics and new-age communication

  • Starting a #WeStandTogether initiative, FieldAssist is empowering its clients with its ideology of “Listen, create and implement

The coronavirus outbreak has caught various industries off-guard and impacted them adversely. The FMCG sector, too, has been one of the affected domains. This unprecedented phase called for strategic solution providers to take the lead and guide businesses to become Future-ready. This motivated one of the leading SaaS-based sales automation platform, FieldAssist, to take charge. The brand analysed the pulse of the market and launched new innovative features for better product visibility, effective – beat plans, engaging sales team virtually to help businesses transition smoothly into the new normal.

The sales automation platform aligned with FieldAssists ideology “Listen, create and implement“, and delved into the layers of challenges to pinpoint the shortcomings of businesses only to resolve them with its new features. The smart features launched by the brand are:

  • Product Intel: At the time of covid, the entire supply chain was shaken up, brands had to concentrate on their prime offerings rather than diversifying and experimenting on multiple product ranges. To get better visibility FieldAssist analytics, provided system-generated insights on which products to focus on analysed the past trends on sales and accordingly suggested the brands to redefine their product range, right from manufacturing to distribution. The feature focuses solely on the products that have maximum sales, taking the orders of the same and getting it supplied via distributors and superstockist. This feature has led to an increase of 30% in sales of targeted products for its clients.

  • Beat-O-Meter: The feature focuses on maximising brands’ reach per beat and helps the sales executives to track which retail outlets took order last month, which ones billed previous to that and likewise for the past four months. It automatically raises alarm to the sales team to particularly cover those outlets which are still active and can get inactive soon. This feature has enabled the sales team and managers to make accurate decisions with data-based suggestions on active and dormant outlets.

  • Market Pulse Surveys: FieldAssist conducted various market surveys with retailers to provide real-time situation analysis to the top and middle management during the lockdown. The surveys provided visibility on lockdown areas, containment zone, how retailers are working or taking orders.

  • Contactless SFA: Contactless SFA enables retailers to take orders and pass it on to the distributors with WhatsApp order sending feature. The call log tracking service further helps the managers to actually track the productive calls made by the team and get real-time data visibility while sitting at home.

  • FA Battleground: To give the feeling of completion and achievement to the sales team, FieldAssist gamified the whole experience of achieving targets. For instance, if somebody achieves the target of a total number of productive calls in a week he/she gets certain coins which can be counted in their overall incentives. The feature can be enabled for 40+ sales KPIs to keep the team motivated and engaged throughout.

Commenting on the newly launched features and how FieldAssist helped businesses in overcoming their rough phase, Mr. Paramdeep Singh, CEO, FieldAssist said, “Every cloud is known to have a silver lining and so does this phase. The times have been tough for the FMCG sector and we, at FieldAssist, understand that. We have analysed the concerns and challenges being faced by businesses and created smart features to help them keep their boat afloat during this crisis. The new features will help the FMCG brands to receive contactless orders, pass them from retailers to distributors and track the real-time data with few clicks and taps. Thus, with its new features, FieldAssist is striving to smoothen the transition of brands into the new normal while catering to them with our relentless services. Analysing market changes and consumer behaviourism, we have launched these features to empower our clients to the best of our abilities.”

Along with introducing the world to its new and technologically advanced features, FieldAssist has also initiated a campaign #WeStandTogether to uplift the spirit of businesses. Conducting surveys and making significant strides in the FMCG industry, the SaaS-based platform is redefining sales automation and simultaneously adding new clients to its portfolio.

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