Women Taste in Style and Jewellery with Forevermark Half-carat Collection

Women Taste in Style and Jewelry with Forevermark Half-carat Collection

The deva’s of the nation has been seen with more enhanced beauty on this International Women’s day, on this occasion Forevermark present Half Carat collection for the trendy, multi-faceted personality of women with dignity and independent attitude.

To tantamount the power of women, the brand has also launched a unique social media filter to mark a more important impact on the new generation.

Marking women’s achievements at work the brand has come up with each diamond in the half-carat collection which shows an immensely beautiful impact with rare designs, responsibly sourced and natural.

Women are now the holder of dignified achievements in the profession as well as personal life, and this Half-carat Collection by forever mark is a reminder of the drive of their achievements.

forevermark half-carat collection

To make this occasion rememberable one Forevermark has created a new selfie filter on Facebook called the #BetterHalfWithinMe. This filter portrays the strength that women hold.

At the time of the selfie being clicked, half of their face lights up with qualities that reflect women’s different personalities.

This application has been created by toggle head Digital Marketing Company with Forevermark.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India said, “The woman of today is independent and decides when she wants to buy her diamonds. We see the modern Indian woman enjoying increasing levels of economic success and truly celebrating her achievements.

 The Half Carat Collection is perfectly targeted to this woman who is aware of her choices and acknowledges herself. Through the Facebook filter, we hope to remind young women to celebrate themselves each day.”

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