Frantic Bidding Frenzy Over Akash Ahuja’s NFT


Everyone’s talking about NFTs, but what are they, and why should we care about them NFTs or non-fungible tokens are pieces of digital art accessed virtually and purchased with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since its inception, NFTs have been taking over the world with groundbreaking sales of digital artwork, music, and collectibles. From billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s substantial investments into NFTs to ‘Beeple’s‘ $69 million digital artwork, all the way to Portland Oregon rock band ‘Portugal. The Man‘ creating their own cryptocurrency (PTM), NFTs are certainly here to stay.

Akash Ahuja

India representative and New Jersey native Akash Ahuja began releasing music in 2020, seamlessly fusing modern hip hop with Indian Bhangra influences, molding a sound that is all his own. Recently, Akash Ahuja’s international fame landed him on a billboard in NYC’s Times Square. He has also received cross-genre acclaim by simultaneously charting on both iTunes Hip Hop and Pop charts. Akash Ahuja is creating waves in the global music scene, from a sold-out country-wide tour to crafting smash hits.

Akash Ahuja’s latest buzz, generated with the release of his digital album trading card, is on sale now through OpenSea. This NFT created as a collaboration with Ahuja and Album Trading Cards features an eye-catching digital design of Ahuja from his “ISHQ” music video and playing his song, “Aaja Soniye“. In addition to the virtual card, the one lucky buyer will also receive a physical trading card. While this NFT only listed at a mere 100 USDC, it has since escalated into a bidding frenzy, with bids now at 5,000 USDC. Some experts project it could ultimately sell for as much as 500,000 USDC.

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