Gursewak Mann Famed Punjabi Singer: Service To Humanity

Gursewak Mann Famed Punjabi Singer Service To Humanity

Gursewak Mann acclaimed Punjabi Singer, a pilot by profession extended helping hand and served humanity in this unpredictable situation of the world by serving his duty.

Service to Humanity by Gursewak Mann Punjabi Singer turned Pilot

Gursewak Mann well-renowned singer, actor and younger brother of popular singer, actor Harbhajan Mann, has a lot many success stories in the world of entertainment. His Punjabi Song ‘Ek Kudi lara lappa’  raised him to fame. Later many more melodious songs and folk music gained him regions attention. He is a mesmerizing singer entertaining his audience with his shows till the date. 

Gursewak Mann is who is residing in Canada. His passion for singing and flying takes him all around the world. He as a professional pilot was assigned to flew to and fro for China consignment of medical kits, masks, and other things.

He is proud to get a chance to serve fellow countrymen in such a challenging situation and said ‘Though we never fly directly to China, it is easy to make announcements but difficult to enact the situation. I am thankful to my Flying Company who gave me the opportunity to serve the nation at this moment when the world is  fighting against the pandemic to save humanity.’


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