Workshop on stress management held at Gurukul Global School

Gurukul Global School Panchkula

Chandigarh, May 14:

A stress management workshop was conducted for teachers at Gurukul Global School, Manimajra by the Center of Happiness, Alchemist Hospital Panchkula today.

During workshop, Glory K. Singh the trainer spoke about increasing stress levels in our lives and suggested science based skills to increase happiness levels in order to fight with it positively.

She said, best strategy to beat stress is not to put all the focus on the what, why and how of stress, but rather to increase happiness, positive emotions and build stronger relationships in our lives which can protect us from the ill effects of stress.

Discussing about causes of stress, Glory said that chronic stress disturbs almost every system in our body. It can suppress your immune system, upset your digestive and reproductive systems, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speed up the aging process.

She also talked about the ways of stress busters that a strong network of friends and family members is a shield against stress. If we have confidence in our self and our ability to face challenges can help to overcome stress, said Glory adding our attitude towards life and its inevitable challenges makes an enormous difference in our ability to handle stress.

Talking about other ways of relieving stress, she said that regular exercise can lift your mood and serve as a distraction from worries, helping you to come out of the cycle of negative thoughts that causes stress.

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