Helicopter Service Started for Kedarnath Dham

Helicopter service started for Kedarnath Dham

Chandigarh, May 17 : 

After a long waiting, the helicopter service has started for Kedarath Dham from May 16 and on the very first day, around 500 devotees reached Kedarnath through  heli services.

As per the information, UCADA – Utrakhand Civil Aviation Development Authority have fixed the tariff by selecting from the competitors and after that an appeal was made to DGCA for allowing to start the heli services for Kedarnah Dham to end the waiting of the helicopter services to devotees visiting Kedarnath Temple.

The heli services start from 8 helipads after clearance from DGCA and in all 9 companies have been elected and presently five companies are giving their services – Aryan, Aero, PawanHans, UT, Himalayan and remaining four will start shortly.


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