Horoscope-Fortune, Karma, And Destiny Decoded

Horoscope-Fortune, Karma, And Destiny Decoded

It is often been estimated that astrology or horoscope is not relevant in the modern world. But if one finds out the different blogs for this keyword then it would be millions around the world. It is rather relevant when health issues cannot be treated through medical facilities.

It is definitely a controversial topic yet modern science is considering it as its branch which has logic and definitely involves mathematics. The astrologers or the tarot card readers are predicting the life cycle of the individual which involves the planets and the inner chakras of the human body. 

Earlier it was based on the face or palm reading but now it involves more numerology and planetary readings. Moreover, Asian countries are using the signs of animals for the predictions of horoscopes. 

The richest people on the planet also believe in horoscope readings and consult astrologers. Astrology is a vast subject that has birth predictions, Vastu, Numerology, Tarot Card Readings, and many more. 

The blog is going to discuss the different fields of horoscopes and astrology. However, these readings are not stable and are constantly changing as per the planetary positions. It leads to the influence in each person’s life even if the person ignores it.

At present, the natural calamities or the weather also involve horoscope predictions. At the time of Covid-19, astrology was often considered a serious subject in order to predict the future. 

It is common for the marriage to be predicted by an astrologer for the safety and well-being of the couple. Then comes childbirth which could also be predicted by the astrological predictions. 

Types of Astrology or Horoscope

  • Natal Astrology
  • Horary Astrology
  • Electrictional Astrology
  • Relationship Astrology
  • Medical Astrology
  • Mundane Astrology


Numerology is not just mathematical numbers, but according to the horoscope, it is made up of five natural elements on earth. They are air, water, fire, earth, and metal where mathematical numbers denote each one. 

Each element denotes the different characteristics and personalities of individuals. It is believed that horoscope and numerology are related to each other. 

The meaning of zero is considered to be an important one as it is considered to be the number of God. Those who have elements of zero believe to be more intuitive and spiritual. It manifests purity whether the individual is a man or a woman. 

The balance number of numerology represents an inverted triangle that has an influence on human life at the time of crisis. These balance number comes from 1 to 9. There are certain exceptions like numbers 11, 22, 33, 52, 80, 14, 41, 58, 67, 84 and 100. 

Some of the numerological numbers are also considered hidden passion numbers, lucky gemstones that are based on numerology, worst numbers for numerology, and more. 

There is an urge number which is also called the heart’s desire number where each of the English alphabets is identified with a definite number and each number carries certain characteristics of an individual. 

The consonants and vowels are considered separately and there are exceptional numbers as well. 

Even the angel numbers that appear in the dreams of every person have a deeper meaning in their daily life. Each and every day of the week has been named representing different angels. 

There are life path numbers also that could be considered for the present situation of the individual with their birth chart for getting the utmost clear idea about the situation facing them. 


Vastu has also considered another branch of astrology. Indian astrology considers it one of the important factors for individual health and prosperity. 

If it is discussed then it would take to another level of astrology where a direct connection between the resident and its locality is involved. People often change their names in order to get into life track which could be disturbed by the wrong spelling of their names. 

Modern parents often go to the astrologer for the name prediction of their child even before their birth. It is good to have names as per astrological signs so that the child could prosper in life. Some people do not go out of their house without reading their daily horoscope for the day and diligently maintaining them. 

If the Vastu is studied properly then it is the various directions of the Vastu starting from its head limbs and body. The most auspicious among them is the head which is considered to be the northeast side of a plot.

The Indian and Asian architects do consider the Vastu while designing the building. If there are any kind of flaws persist then it would affect the health of the residents even if they try too hard for their prosperity in terms of finance or health. 

Not even for the plots the doors and the windows, but the shape of the plot, courtyard, or garden also influences the well-being of the family residing there. The interior designers also look for the colors and paints, clothes and furniture, and directions of the rooms for the proper Vastu solutions. 


In order to solve the Vastu or health issues related to astrology, the ancient sages used to wear rudraksha which is a natural seed grown on a tree. The tree grows in the Himalayas and parts of Nepal, Java, and Sumatra. It is proven to have a healing capacity as it is considered to be tears of shiva according to Hindu mythology. 

A pure rudraksha consists of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and some parts of nitrogen. The seeds have different faces that are considered to have different benefits for different ailments. The faces are called Mukhis and a maximum of 21 faces are found in a rudraksha. 

Horoscope Related To Chakras

As discussed in the earlier blog the chakras inside the body of a human being have effects on health and prosperity. Sometimes the chakras are blocked where negative thoughts affect the mind. 

These chakras can be healed by several methods like sound, color, affirmation notes, right intake of food, meditations, and yogas. It is very important for the chakras to be balanced or else several health issues or astrological issues could arise.

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Food-Related To Astrology

There are foods that are not good for everybody as they are dominated by specific planets. It is suggested that the planets have their own pace of movement and accordingly people should also use their food habits to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

Those having weaker sun could avoid salt in their food to reduce the heart or stomach problems. Those who have a weak moon may include wheat than rice as it would increase the emotional problems, especially for the women. And the one who has weak mars tend to consume hot and spicy food while they suffer from diabetes. Those who have weak Venus tend more towards curd and clarified butter which leads to a lack of intimacy. 

The people who suffer from weak Jupiter like a gram or gram flour lead to a lack of support from the elders. The weak Saturn or Rahu ones like to have cold or bitter food that leads to weaker legs and feet. The weak Ketu people like to consume cottage cheese or spicy food that suffer from nervous issues and hemorrhoids. 

Dashas in Astrology

Dasha is the term denoted by the positions of planets. It is denoted by the effects generated by the zodiac signs, the location of the houses, and their confluences. There are almost forty-two types of doshas according to the Parashari astrology however two of the most commonly used Dasha systems are used. 

They are Vimshottari and Ashtottari. The nine planets of the universe control them and determine the outcome of each Dosha. According to the horoscope, the time span of Vimshottari Dasha is about 120 years. It is also noted that the Maha Dasha of all planets cannot influence a single person for the whole life. 

Written By: Manashi Dey

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