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How to Clean Dog’s Paws to Disinfect Their Feet?


Do your dog also loves to roam around or mine is a little different? No matter how the weather is, If he is in a playful mood, no one can stop him from jumping around and immersing his little feet in the dirt and muddy puddles. If you have a dog then how to clean a dog’s paws is the skill you must acquire.

Your dog’s sensitive pads are constantly exposed to a variety of surfaces from hot pavement to salt and treated lawn. The repercussions are cracked paws, burns, irritations, dry skin, and bacteria. 

Moreover, Keeping a regular check and cleaning your dog’s paws after a walk will help deter those dangerous infections and smelly canine feet.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy cleaning solutions available to disinfect paws and treat cracked paw pads.

Why Dog’s Paws Cleaning Routine is Crucial?

Your dog needs frequent grooming, cleaning their paws is the most important part of their grooming routine.

Cleaning the paws will allow you to inspect the pads for wounds or cracks and allow you to examine the toes for redness or swelling or ticks as well.

The paws of your dog are the favourite spot for the parasites like ticks & fleas to hide.

how to clean a dog's paws

Besides, you surely do not want paw footprints all over in the house. Make it a habit to clean your dog’s paws when he returns from the walk. The harmful bacteria and dirt particles accumulate in their paws that can be hazardous for you and are dog too.

What You Need And How to Clean Dog’s paws?

When you are not aware of the right method to clean or wash your dog’s paws, it becomes an uphill task. If it takes a lot more effort and time then probably your approach is wrong. 

Here, I am listing a few necessities along with the suggestions to effortlessly disinfect the paws of your dog.

1) Soap and Water

Soap and water

This is a very commonly used method to wash a dog’s paw. Merely, using soap with water you can clean the dog’s paw effectively in seconds what we have to keep in mind is to treat the wounds or cuts to avoid further infections. 

If your dog is sensitive to the soaps you are using then make sure to take him to a reputed outdoor wash station.

2) Towels


using towels for cleaning a dog’s paw is an alternative yet good method to keep the dog’s paws and your house clean. You can carry a small towel for your dog when you are planning for a walk with your dog.

 Besides, Using a towel is quite simple as when the towel gets dirty, you can simply throw it else, wash it and you’re good to go!

3) Wet Wipes

Wet wipes

on a trip when you cant find towels or water wet wipes are the best substitutes for cleaning a dog’s paws. you can also use any wipes if you want but make sure to use scent-free wipes as they can harm your pet.

Even though wipes are expensive but are a hygienic and best way for cleaning till now.

4) Paw Cream & Balms

Paw Cream & Balms

Balms are great for soothing and protecting paws. Paw creams and balms are effective in protecting the pads from conditions like hot pavement, ice, and mud infections. 

Numerous options are available in the market for any dog owner when it comes to using balms to protect dog paws, noses, and more. 

5) Dog Shoes & Boots

Dog shoes & Boots

Your dog may take time to get comfortable in boots and shoes but these shoes provide immense protection in all weathers. From protecting their paws from extreme temperatures to preventing any mud from gathering on the paws, dog shoes are certainly beneficial.

You Just need to make them wear shoes or boots when you take them out for a walk, simply remove their boots at the doorstep to avoid the mess in your house.

How to Avoid Paw Prints on The Floor of Your House?

Having pets at home ultimately means you have to deal with a lot of mess and dirt, and to keep your house clean you have to do some efforts like keeping the water tub and a carpet at your doorstep so that whenever your dog enters with his dirty paws, the water will rinse the dirt. you can keep a carpet or a towel beside the water tub to avoid water spills and pawprints.

1) Outdoor Cleaning Station

 Outdoor cleaning station

Alternatively, you can make a separate living space for your dog so that your home doesn’t mess up. Also, you can build an outdoor cleaning station for your dog which will reduce the mess in your home while cleaning your dog ad what you want for this is just a bucket, garden hose, and a towel.

2) Keep A Towel By The Door

Keep a towel by the door

To keep the mess out of the house, we can keep a towel at our doorstep, alternatively, you can use good quality floor mattings in your home which will help reduce the mess in your house as matting has good absorption quality and can add more security to your home cleanliness

3) Make a Mud-Room/Mud-Corner

Mud -Corner

Mudrooms or a Mud-Corner is a gift for those who are struggling with the mess created by the dog. To keep your home clean ad dirtless you can make a mudroom cum playground for dogs where they can play as much as they want and that mudroom can e cleared afterward. As carpets are not easy to wash and it is annoying to deal with carpet stains, therefore mudrooms are great alternatives to these.


No matter how many precautions we take but our dog will bring dirt home from nowhere. The dirt in the house is the secondary issue, but you should have a proper grooming and cleaning routine for your dog to avoid infections and other issues.

Even your dog doesn’t like being dirty, You must have noticed them licking themself that’s an alarm that your dog requires cleaning. 

The paws and pads of your dog are quite sensitive, so you need to keep a proper check on their feet and a regular paw cleaning routine makes things easier.


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