Hyundai Handovers High Flow Nasal Oxygen Machines to Haryana Government

Puneet Anand, AVP & Group Head – Corporate Affairs of Hyundai Motor India Foundation handed over 40 units of HFNO machines to Dr. Pankaj Poonia, Manager- Gurugram Regional Drug Warehouse, Haryana Government on Tuesday.

 Hyundai Motor India Foundation has handed over 40 high flow nasal oxygen machines to the Haryana government for further distribution to hospitals in the state on Tuesday. Puneet Anand, AVP & group head-corporate affairs of foundation handed over machines to Dr. Pankaj Poonia, manager at  Gurugram Regional Drug Warehouse, Haryana Government.

Under the company’s Cares 3.0 Covid-19 relief initiative, Foundation has expedited the purchase and supply of critical medical equipment, thereby ensuring a quick dispatch of relief materials to hospitals across most affected states of Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi and Telangana.

SS Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai said, “ We focus on ensuring critical lifesaving oxygen products are delivered to affected regions in the shortest possible time span. Now we handed over 40 units of these crucial medical devices to the government of Haryana for further distribution to hospitals in need. Our efforts to expedite the delivery of such products will continue on a war footing across the nation. It is our solemn commitment to ensure affected people are able to benefit from these products and help drive recovery & normalcy across the country.”

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