IIM Amritsar’s First EMBA Program For Executives Working From Home

Inauguration Ceremony at IIM Armitsar (L-R) Prof Mahima Gupta, Co-chairperson MBA, Prof Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director, IIM Amritsar, Prof Pankaj Gupta, Co-chairperson MBA

The first batch of the EMBA program was inaugurated on June 5, 2021, within the presence of Shri Suresh Kumar, Chief Principal Secretary to Chief Minister of Punjab, Shri Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, BoG of IIM Amritsar, Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director IIM Amritsar and Prof. Mahima Gupta, Chairperson MBA.

The first batch of the EMBA comprises 40 working professionals with experience ranging from 3-20 plus years. The first EMBA batch comes from prominent organizations in various sectors like BFSI, IT, Consulting, Hospitality, Retailing, Media & Entertainment, etc. The EMBA program of IIM Amritsar is a beautiful opportunity for executives to finish their 2-year program during a non-residential hybrid mode.

Some students responded that besides safety, another big advantage of doing the EMBA programme at IIM Amritsar is that the availability of sophisticated discussions as recordings for reviewing the key points later. A rigorous, cutting-edge curriculum vetted by industry professionals and regular interactions with industry experts will make executives more beneficial for his or her current organization.

In a virtual handshake for faculty and therefore the participants, the scholars exuded confidence that they might be able to advance their careers in leadership roles by gaining from their faculty and rich experience of the first EMBA batch.

Shri. Suresh Kumar, Chief Principal Secretary, Govt. of Punjab, graced the inaugural ceremony because the Chief Guest. Shri. Kumar reminisced about being related to IIM Amritsar since its inception and the way its growth trajectory makes him elated.

Talking about the experienced professionals, he added that service professionals have a special outlook, and them seeking a path of learning is encouraging. Juxtaposing the times back when he was within the nascent stages of his career and now, Shri. Kumar described how the world had changed altogether.

With the high-speed communication, high-speed data transfers, surveillance capitalism, etc., overtaking us day in and outing ., he believed it essential for the working professionals to upgrade their skills to stay abreast with the pace of adjusting landscape.

Shri. Kumar highlighted how the talents imparted by IIMs are unique within the sense that they communicate out-of-box learning and help think beyond the standard. He advised all the students to remain to learn without hesitation and sharpen their managerial, leadership, and strategic thinking skills with the pandemic teaching everyone new ways of governance and resilience in the face of uncertain times, Shri. Kumar wished all the scholars the simplest and urged them to find out some valuable skills that might give greater thrust to nation-building. Concluding his address, Shri. Kumar told the students of the EMBA batch to enjoy their lives through honest means by working hard and learning more.

Inauguration Ceremony at IIM Armitsar (L-R) Prof Mahima Gupta, Co-chairperson MBA, Prof Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director, IIM Amritsar, Prof Pankaj Gupta, Co-chairperson MBA

Shri. Sanjay Gupta, Chairman – BoG, IIM Amritsar greeted the primary inaugural program for the EMBA batch and wished for everyone’s safety and well-being. Shri. Gupta reiterated how learning may be a continuous process, and gaining knowledge gives one wisdom. With the scholars coming from various industries and different job roles, he felt that it might bring an enriching experience to the present program.

Shri. Gupta threw light on the opposite aspects of life which will be learned through this program to assist these professionals in transition into different career paths and scale newer heights. The program was considered daunting since it might take up the weekends and therefore the regular weekdays, which might be spent working for his or her respective organizations.

Shri. Gupta thus urged the students to balance their work and academic lives with their personal lives to spend ample time with their families. He appended that the scholars learn from each other’s experiences to realize a holistic understanding of various real-life scenarios. Shri. Gupta concluded his address by wishing everyone luck and hoping to possess an enriching learning experience through the 2 years.

Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director – IIM Amritsar, congratulated each student for securing a seat within the program because the choice criteria are rigorous, factoring in holistic accomplishments from academics and work life.

Prof. Ramamoorthy supplemented that it’s a superb achievement for all the scholars which they ought to be confident of success within the program. “Past isn’t an ideal predictor of the longer term,” Thus, he urged the scholars to not be complacent and strive towards continuous learning. Prof. Ramamoorthy emphasized the importance of constant learning, knowledge, and the pursuit of truth.

He added that learning matters the most as “What we know is of the size of a drop and what we don’t know is of the size of the ocean.” Several professionals face the dilemma of selecting educational opportunities over stable jobs.

However, with this program, the working professionals would get the only of both worlds. Professor Ramamoorthy asserted that the program rigour would be equivalent to a daily MBA program. Thus, only with diligence, dedication, sincerity, good work ethics, and proper time management will the scholars ace the program. He closed his address by wishing all students great success in their journeys.

Prof. Mahima Gupta, Chairperson – MBA, extended her heartfelt welcome to the inaugural EMBA batch of IIM Amritsar. She explicated how the primary batch of EMBA has students with 3-5 years of labour experience in multifarious domains like IT, BFSI, Consulting, Media, etc. which are to perpetuate shaping the business landscape within the coming years.

Prof. Gupta stressed that with such an enterprising batch of experienced professionals, IIM Amritsar should be ready to create an ecosystem of continuous learning and mutual enrichment. Given the experience these professionals have had in handling business dilemmas, it had been deemed that the batch already features a start within the program.

Prof Gupta enumerated that with the continual synergistic efforts of the batch, the program would help build new competencies and enhance the knowledge domain alongside giving a lift to the qualities of leadership and teamwork.

She emphasized the opportunities extended by the program in terms of networking with peers, alumni, and business leaders overall. Professor Gupta concluded her address by stating how IIM Amritsar looks forward to participation and contribution from the EMBA batch in making IIM Amritsar an honest greater institution and wished for the scholars of the inaugural batch to seek out new directions in their respective careers.

Prof. Vartika Dutta, Chairperson EMBA Program (in absentia) conveyed her best wishes to the participants and sent a message for them that this program would offer an exciting opportunity to participants and equip them with the requisite skillset and knowledge to accelerate their careers and transition into leadership roles without an opportunity in their careers. The inaugural program was hosted by Staffy Rana and therefore the Vote of Thanks was delivered by Anshul Mathur, Program Coordinator.

Indian Institute of Management Amritsar may be a premier graduate school with a mission to impart quality management education. The Institute is consciously expanding its programs to cater to the various needs of the community, state and nation. All the programs of the Institute are focused on learner-centric pedagogy to groom socially conscious leaders for tomorrow.

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