Indian made pulse oximeter launched

Indian made pulse oximeter launched

Chandigarh, July 14: A pulse oximeter (POM-600) by an Indian company with calibration certification apart from being 100% non-Chinese product was launched today. The oximeter by Protonic Medical Systems (PMS) will come as a great relief in the current Covid–19 pandemic as SpO2 (saturated partial oxygen) measurement is the vital parameter for the patients who are suffering from corona virus. Moreover the calibration certification of the product is utmost important & ensures the exact reading of the device.

This noninvasive tool attaches painlessly to fingertip, sending two wavelengths of light through the finger to measure pulse rate and how much oxygen is in one’s system.

Aditya Kumar Mohapatra, MD of Protonic Medical Systems Pvt Limited said that in 2002, we have manufactured plasma NTP air sterilizers indigenously and installed in various Institution are in high demand for present scenario of corona pandemic. We are making Indian innovations to manufacture high end technology products. PMS has also developed indigenously manufactured digital infrared thermometer.

He said that a study describing the pathological lung changes on CT scans of completely asymptomatic Covid-19 patients , has found that even patients with advanced Covid-19 may show no specific symptoms of respiratory disease.

“While asymptomatic carriers of virulent infections are not uncommon, what is worrisome with Covid-19 is that disguised under asymptomatic illness is underlying organ damage.”

The research has found lesions consistent with inflammation of the underlying lung tissue, which is not specific to Covid-19 and can be seen in many other forms of lung disease. However, what is bizarre is how despite these changes, patients do not show symptoms of pneumonia or respiratory issues, such as severe shortness of breath. So it becomes more relevant to constantly monitor the SpaO2 or blood oxygen level of the patients & as soon as it drops from less than 95%, patients should immediately contact the treating doctor or Hospital, asserted Mohapatra.

Meanwhile Nagpur based Aspire Pharmaceuticals has joined hands with PMS for marketing & distribution of the pulse oximeter across India.

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