Infinite Uptime Redefines the Predictive Maintenance Category

Infinite Uptime is a Global Industrial Diagnostics Service Provider for Mechanical Predictive Maintenance in the Engineering and Process Industries. Vertically integrated, Infinite Uptime offers a Smart Vibration Monitoring System along with Connectivity, Communication, Software Analytics, Dashboarding and reporting to provide a complete solution to its customers.

Raunak Bhinge, CEO – Infinite Uptime

Infinite Uptime specializes in High-Frequency Data Analytics, such as Triaxial Vibration, Acoustic analyses, Spectral analyses and configurable Edge diagnostics. Spearheaded by Raunak Bhinge, the organization has strived to deliver better service, with more than 5 iterations of their patented IDE technology. Their customer-centric approach has enabled them to build a robust and proactive industry-leading service team that focuses on delivering value to their customers.

Infinite Uptime Redefines the Predictive Maintenance category

Raunak Bhinge, CEO – Infinite Uptime shared, “We offer Diagnostics as a Service with a Patented Vibration Monitoring System that improves the reliability of motors, gearboxes, fans/blowers and other rotating equipment in a plant. Deployment of the System reduces costs of spares by 10%, increases asset life by 20% & improves plant uptime and throughput by up to 15%.”

Diagnostic Services play a crucial role at every step of the equipment operation – monitoring and capturing real-time data of the equipment, screening and detecting abnormalities diagnosing the root cause of the discrepancy, and Prognosis to facilitate corrective measures to prevent the breakdown. Infinite Uptime offers an end to end asset reliability solution providing data collection, fault prediction, fault correction, recommendation, and impact. The Diagnostic Services complemented with an edge powered vibration monitoring system facilitates caring for the well-being of the machines and enhances timely, cost-effective, and high-quality real-time monitoring of the equipment to transform your maintenance strategy from Preventive to Predictive. The increase in uptime, reliability, and insights into the lifetime of the equipment support the end-user with smart decision-making.

“The Diagnostic Service solution helps the industry to move from Preventive Maintenance to Predictive and Proactive Maintenance that can reduce breakdown by about 70%. Moreover, OEMs deploy the IU vEDGE device to offer a SMART product, improve data acquisition, justify warranty claims and explore the planned after-sales business opportunity through real-time insights,” Raunak further added.

With a human asset of about 100 skilled staff, Infinite Uptime has a Global presence. Infinite Uptime believes in complete honesty, trust and transparency between all employees, customers, partners and suppliers. It highlights and aims for our customer satisfaction ensuring that every step taken proves to be cost-effective, leading to a happy customer.

Infinite Uptime has its offices in India, UAE and the US with Channel partners across Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Turkey, South Korea and Europe and is backed by strong investors such as Mayfield, VenturEast, GSR Ventures and KOIS Invest, and is investing heavily to further its R&D as well as its customer service in the industry. A rich customer base like JSW, ArcelorMittal, Marico, ITC, Tata Steel, TVS, MRF tyres and many more add to the growing trust of the industry in Infinite Uptime.

The young CEO of this dynamic organization, Raunak Bhinge has completed B. Tech and M. Tech from the prestigious IIT Madras and was a silver medallist before completing his Ph.D. in SMART Manufacturing from UC Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2016.

When talking about his extraordinary achievements he has 17 publications and 5 patents to his credit. Infinite Uptime ranked sixth in the Deloitte TF50 Awards 2020, it is on its way to re-define the Predictive Maintenance category in the Industry 4.0 domain with many new and improved product solutions. They are committed to improving machine downtime management and being a thought and product leader in their domain.

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