Interior Vastu- The Correct Methods For Designing A Home For Prosperity

Interior Vastu for Prosperity

People often overlook the Vastu-related design of a house while purchasing a flat or a bungalow. The consequences could influence the residents of the place with financial or health issues. The architects are also asked to design the exterior and also the interior of the houses according to the interior Vastu norms.

It could be through the structures of the rooms, the kitchen, the entrance, the colours of the rooms, or even the furniture. This is specified according to the five elements of nature that are Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Space. This would create the balance of both the interior and exterior of the house for long-term prosperity. 

Placements Of Rooms According To The Interior Vastu

It is believed that the rooms of the house speaker and the Vastu have a huge impact on its people. Vastu lord or Vastu Purusha has the story from Matsanya Puran where the birth of Vastu has been described.

The head of Vastu Purusha is in the northeast which is dominated by Lord Shiva. This direction is also called Ishan corner. 

Brahma sits just behind the naval. Other lords like Parjanya and Diti resided in the ears. Apaveda resides above the throat. Ayarma and Prithwidar are situated at the breasts. Lord Jaya and Aditi reside at the shoulders. The heart is for Lord Apavatsa. Savita and Savitra are situated in the upper right arms. While in the lower right arms Rudra and Dudradas sit. Lord Mitra and Mrityu reside at the thigh.

Indra and Jaya are located in the private parts. Agni and Roga are situated above the knees and Pitra holds its position in both the heels. While other Gods like Nandi, Pusha, Sugreeva, Yakshma, Varun, Asura, and Papa take their positions at the blood vessels of the limbs. East direction is considered for Lord Indra. SouthEast is considered for Agni and South is for Yama. The southwest direction is for Nairuti or Rahu while the west direction is for Varuna. The NorthWest is for Vayu. 

Living Room

The location of the living room of a house according to the interior Vastu should be on the north or east side of the house. It could also be situated in the northwest direction. The entrance door of the living room may be towards the east or north direction.

Interior Vastu For living room
Living Room

The heavy furniture in the living room should be in the south or west or even in the southwest direction. The television should be in the southeast corner. It is recommended that pictures of animals or war should not be kept in the living room.

However, the pictures of flowers or birds could be placed on the northwest walls of the room. If one wishes to keep fountains or aquariums then the northeast is the best corner of the room.


The best direction of a bedroom or the master bedroom for an apartment or house should be towards the southwest corner. The northwest rooms should be for the children’s room or guest room. However, the northeast or southeast bedroom must be avoided for maintaining peace and avoiding any health issues.

Interior Vastu  for Bedroom

For any Vastu defect of a northeast bedroom, any essential oil especially lavender oil or even sea salt can be used. The positive energy could be attracted by placing pictures of Lord Ganesha in this direction. 

The position of the bed should be in the southwest direction. While sleeping the head should be in the south or east direction. It is noted that the sleeping position in the North direction is restricted as per Vastu. The material of the bed should be made of wood and any other material like iron or plastic need to be avoided. The shape should be either square or rectangle is recommended.

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One of the interior Vastu defects of a bedroom is that the bed is placed directly under the beam which could attract mental dissatisfaction. But this defect could be rectified by constructing a false ceiling.

The placement of the bed should not be close to the wall. There should be enough space for easy access. The wardrobes need to be placed towards the southwest. The mirrors must not face the bed as it is counted auspicious. The best directions are north or northeast walls.

Since the northeast is considered to be the direction of wealth, the valuables could be kept in that direction for prosperity and growth. To initiate positive energy inside the room one should keep them clean as it has a direct psychological impact on sleep. 


The best position for the kitchen is the southeast direction which is governed by Lord Agni. however, the Northwest direction also could be considered. However, the directions that need to be avoided for a kitchen are northeast or southwest.

The cooking area and the wash basin according to interior vastu should never be parallelly aligned. As the fire and water elements could damage the behavior of the person.

kitchen Interior Vastu

However, in this fast pace world and small apartments, the kitchen areas are also small and they are arranged in the same line. This interior Vastu defect could be removed simply by putting a partition between the cooktop and the basin.

Some plants could also be placed between them where the earth element would eliminate the negative effect. The position of the refrigerator should be best in the southwest direction and could maintain a peaceful kitchen environment. The southwest direction of the kitchen is best suited for the storage of food items and food grains.  


The gadgets like geysers or heaters should be placed on the southeast corner. While the bathtub should be placed at the east or northeast. The septic tank of the house should be placed in the northwest direction. But it should be kept in mind that the northeast septic tank is a strict no as per Vastu.

Interior Vastu for bathrrom

The outlet of the bathroom should be on the east or north sides. The bathroom or toilet under the staircase should be avoided. The doors of the bathroom should be closed most of the time to restrict the flow of negative energy to other rooms. This might hamper the career and create confusion within the relationships.

The bathroom at the northeast is considered to be inauspicious. It is also considered that the walls of the washroom should not share common space between the kitchen or prayer room. The colour of the toilet should be cream, brown or any earth colour. But black or any dark colours should be avoided. 


Though basements are not common among the Indian houses the historical buildings stated about the basement areas were constructed for the protection of enemies. Nowadays the basement areas are used for garages or parking cars.


The best direction for a basement is North or East. Some of the houses use the basement area as store rooms. The heavier items should be kept in the south or west directions. The height of the basement should be at least 9 feet tall or more than that.

The shape of the basement should be either square or rectangle. The ventilation of the basement should be enough as it ensures the proper flow of energy. The basement should be cleaned at proper intervals.

The area should not be used for living or any other entertainment purposes. The paint of the basement area should be a light colour. 

Furniture, Paints, And Curtains According To Vastu

1) Furniture of the bedroom like the wardrobe should be placed in the south or southwest direction. While the doors should be opened towards the north which indicates prosperity.

A television set is not recommended to be placed in the bedroom. The table lamps should be placed on the northern side of the room to bring good luck. 

2) The colour of the kitchen should be bright like yellow, and tangerine, likewise, tones of warm shades like brown, or pink can be included according to indoor Vastu shastra. Moreover, the cabinets could be painted a green colour also which denotes prosperity.

Besides, the floor colour should be in whites or shades of white. The kitchen slab could be made of either granite or quartz. Colours like black or dark clue or any other grey shades. Blue represents the water god Lord Varuna which creates an opposite effect on the kitchen.

The bedroom colour should be light blue. If the room is painted white or beige then the doors and windows could be painted blue. While it is to be mentioned that any dark colours should be avoided as creates a negative effect.

The bedroom of the couple could be painted with pink or light green colours. Some of the colours like purple or grey could create anxiety or even increases blood pressure.

Furniture, Paint And Curtains
Furniture, Paint, And Curtains

Moreover, the living room should be painted white colour and any darker colours should be avoided. The walls of the living room should be of white colour and dark shades should be avoided.

The entrance door should be wooden material and it could be painted with white or silver colour. The children’s room or study room should be white, cream or light green colour. Colours should be avoided like brown, red or dark blue. 

3) The fabric for curtains should be cotton, brocades or even velvet. Cotton is suited for smaller apartments and heavy fabrics like brocade or velvet are for bungalows or large apartments.

The colour of the curtains helps in breaking the monotony of the wall colours and it tries to create a balance and helps to complement the wall colours. The printed curtains go well with the modern and traditional interior vastu decorations.

Plants For Indoor As Per The Interior Vastu

The plants that can be kept inside a living room or at any place in the house are Chinese bamboo and money plants. It is recommended not to keep any artificial flowers or plants that are dead as it would attract negative energies.

Plants For Indoor Vastu
Plants For Indoor

Vastu plants that provide good health are coconut, sandalwood, and lemon trees. The basil is considered auspicious for every Indian household. Jasmine is considered to reduce anxiety and provides peace. Flowering plants like peonies create harmony and find true love if they are placed in the southwest direction.

One of the plants that can be placed in the northeast direction is the plum blossom. It has the capacity to attract wealth and prosperity. 

Artworks, Pictures, or Statues For The Enhancement Of The Decor

There are symbols that enhance the spheres of life. They create positivity and increase the spheres of life. Some of the paintings and sculptures also need to be placed inside and outside the main door to add value to the house according to the Interior Vastu shastra.

  • The pictures of horses attract positive vibes and provide strength. However, there are a few things that should be avoided about these pictures like the odd number of horses in the picture should be avoided. The picture must not include sun or water with the horses. The picture of horses should be avoided in the bedrooms. 
  • Picture of water element can be added at home for energy flow. They must include flowing picture of river and waterfalls that creates a peaceful effect inside the house. Placing a picture or statue of Buddha at eye level in front of the prayer or study room helps protection from anger and fear. 
  • According to Chinese feng shui, the picture of a phoenix or the Indian version of Garuda is the symbol of fame. If the picture is placed on the southern wall of the house then it could bring reputation to the individual. It is believed that the picture of the Phoenix turns bad luck into positive results. 
  • Some of the paintings that increase financial luck are the pictures of money. The picture of the goddess Saraswati brings academic success fro the students. It is to be mentioned that the paintings of dancing girls or paired statues or sculptures increase intimacy among the couples. 

Vastu Tips For The Enhancement Of Lighting

Every house should be adequately lighted for increasing the positivity and health of the family members. People light diyas during Diwali but the constant lighting should be maintained for the whole year. Not necessarily the light has to be diyas but electrical bulb or fluorescent lamps can be placed.

The north or east or the northeast lighting of doors should be yellow or green colour. If the main door is towards the southeast the colour of the light could be red and the northwest door should have a blue coloured lamp. It is suggested that sometimes the rangoli can be painted for offerings to the goddess Laxmi and Ganesha. 

 Internal Staircases
Internal Staircases

The internal staircases should not be constructed that are directly in line with the parallel vision of the guests coming to the house. 

Staircases Inside The House

The southwest direction is the best place to set up an internal staircase. It is to be remembered that the staircase should move clockwise and it should start from the north and move towards the south. Moreover one should also avoid building the internal staircase just in the middle of the property.

Also, the walls of the staircases should be decorated with pictures of flowers or scenery and family photos need to be avoided. For the positive flow of energy, one should never keep aquariums or fountains under the staircases. 

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