It’s Time To Start Decorating Home For Diwali! Get Your Home Diwali Ready In 7 Steps

The Festival of Lights is around the corner and we’ve got certain plans ready for you to execute to obtain a quick Diwali- ready home! This major Hindu festival calls for not only suiting up but also dazzling your home. Decorating a home for Diwali could be fun but also tiring at the same time since you’ve got to jazz up each corner of the house in order to create a welcoming ambience. Hence, we’ve come up with 7 simple steps that will quickly make your home Diwali-ready!

Bring On The Festive Vibes By Decorating Home For Diwali

Cleaning And Reorganization:

A place will only be considered welcoming if it is clean, neat, and tidy. When you have decluttered and reorganized the stuff in your home, it not only makes your home a treat to the eyes but also induces positive energy. Clean every corner of your house, whether it’s the bathroom, laundry room, store room, etc.

Do not forget the fans on top of your head and wash the curtains. This will not be a one-day task but if you have cleaning in your mind you will be able to finish it systematically over a few days. Now when it comes to reorganizing your home, make sure you replace all the broken, torn, and useless items with new ones. We don’t want any negativity with the damaged items floating around the home. 


Rangoli is the clear symbol that Diwali is around the corner. This colorful piece of art is usually spotted on the floor of the entrance, in the mandir, or anywhere in the home as a symbol of prosperity in the house. Rangoli intends to welcome goddess Lakshmi!

It’s considered auspicious to draw rangoli in the home for various spiritual benefits. You should not worry if you’re not artistic or creative to create a masterpiece of rangoli. There are various stencils available that help you to create just the perfect rangoli!  

Festival Of Lights

String lights outside and inside the home are essential for the entire glowing look of the home! Try decorating plants, and trees in or around your home with green lights as it gives a breathtaking appearance!   

Decorate With Flowers

Flowers are great for decorating your mandir or entrance since this gives that royal, festive touch to the home. Not only can you decorate your home with string flowers, but also you could have a flower vase or many such vases around your home.  

Floating Candles Would Bring Up Elegance

Floating scented candles and floating flowers on water would completely change the room’s ambience. It’s a must-buy if you want some elegant touch to your home. Certainly a decent decor item for the occasion of Diwali.   

Diyas/ Earthen Lamps

This main feature of Diwali certainly cannot be ignored. Make sure to decorate your home with Diyas or what’s also known as earthen pots.  

They symbolize purity and goodness, and thus shall be present not only outside the home but also at various corners inside the home. You could have Diyas glowing in or around your Rangoli it is going to make it look rich. 

Spruce Up The Dining Table

Get your hands on luxury dining mats, cutlery, and decor essentials that light up the foodie in you! Make sure to create a new, exciting effect through your dining table!  

Get your hands on these amazing Diwali looks!
Diwali is a symbol of hope for humankind. The significance of the Deepawali is removing darkness and ignorance from the mind and finding it with goodness.

Written By: Nehal Sharma

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