10-day knee, joints replacement free consultation camp begins

knee joints replacement

Panchkula, May 13:

A 10-day long knee, joints replacement free consultation camp has started at Alchemist Hospital today. During camp the patients will be provided free consultation on knee replacement by Dr Dalvir Chauhan & Dr Sandeep Jindal, both Orthopedics and Joint Replacement surgeons.

Giving information about camp, Dr Dalvir Chauhan said that every year, more than 800,000 people undergo total joint replacement surgery worldwide. Primary candidates are individuals with chronic joint pain from arthritis that interferes with daily activities, walking, exercise, leisure, recreation and work.

He said further that the surgery aims to relieve pain, restore patient independence and return him or her to work and other daily activities. Knee replacement patients recover quickly. Patients will be able to walk the first day after surgery. Generally, patients are able to return to driving in four to six weeks, dance in four to six weeks and golf in six to twelve weeks.”

The aim of camp is also to develop a comprehensive planned course of treatment. We believe that patient play a key role in ensuring a successful recovery. Our goal is to involve patient in his or her treatment through each step of the program. This patient guide will give them the necessary information needed for a safe and successful surgical outcome, asserted Dr Sandeep Jindal.

Meanwhile Alchemist Hospital is one of the leading centers for joint replacement surgeries, with the team of expert renowned orthopedic surgeons. It has consistently delivered high quality results in knee replacement, hip replacement and shoulder replacement comparable to the world’s best centers.

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