Lung cancer patient with heart condition gets a new lease of life

Lung cancer patient with heart condition gets a new lease of life

A 64-yr old cardiac patient, suffering from right lung cancer got a new lease of life after a successful complex surgery at Ivy Hospital, Mohali recently. The patient was having bleeding in sputum and the cancer was involving bronchus intermedius the windpipe of the right lung.

Giving information Dr. Vijay Bansal, head of the department of onco-surgery at Ivy said that during surgery, the right bilobectomy ( middle and lower lobes) were removed along with mediastinal lymph node dissection,

Dr. Vijay further said that this surgery was very difficult because the disease was involving the right interlobar pulmonary artery, the main vessel directly coming from the heart. After removal of the tumor, vascular repair of this vessel was done, he informed.

In surgery about 60% part of the right lung was removed, said Dr. Vijay adding now the patient is absolutely fine with normal oxygen saturation at room air. He was discharged in stable condition.

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