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Max Doctors implant patent ductusarteriosus device to save 28 days baby girl

Max Doctors implant patent ductusarteriosus device to save 28 days baby girl

A 28 days pre-term girl got a new lease of life after doctors at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali treated her successfully for congenital acyanotic heart condition-patent ductusarteriosus (PDA).

The baby was weighing 1kg only when she was brought to Max with  heart failure condition and sepsis. The baby was also not gaining weight as she was unable to digest her mother’s milk feed.

She was earlier admitted in another hospital and was in urgent need of a multispeciality hospital with all latest medical facilities to treat her conditions.

After admission in Max Hospital, the baby was thoroughly evaluated by a team of Max Hospital doctors including Dr. Saurabh Kapoor, Neonatologist and Dr. Amitoj Singh Baidwan , Pediatric Cardiologist.  

Babies 2D ECHO was done where she was diagnosed with Patent ductusarteriosus (PDA) , which is a congenital acyanotic heart condition seen in babies. The doctors tried to treat her twice with medicines but her condition continued to worsen further with heart failure.

Dr Saurabh Kapoor and Dr Amitoj Singh Baidwan along with Dr Sudheer Saxena senior cardiologist at Max Hospital decided to carry out implant patent ductusarteriosus (PDA) device on the baby as this was the sole option left to save the baby’s life.

Dr. Kapoor informed that PDA is a congenital acyanotic heart condition which is seen in the babies. In our patient this hemodynamically significant PDA was leading to oxygen dependence, feed intolerance, heart failure, poor weight gain. Medical management for closing this PDA was tried but it was not closing, asserted Dr. SaurabhKapoor.

Dr. Amitoj Singh Baidwan and Dr. Sudheer Saxena said that PDA device closure was done successfully. It was done with Picollo device which is a US FDA approved device.

This procedure was the first case of its kind at Max Hospital Mohali and first and smallest baby to be done such procedure in the tricity and in this region as well. The baby was discharged post procedure with improved weight and health.

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