No Noise Pollution


Modified silencers in motorcycles, especially Bullet bikes are being used for emitting cracker-sound, which not only causes noise pollution but also terrifies the general public, especially senior citizens and young children.

Chandigarh Traffic Police is conducting special awareness drives at various motor markets in the city, in which mechanics and spare parts shop owners of motorcycles are being sensitized about the harmful effects of modified silencers and they are also being warned not to modify silencers, otherwise strict action shall be taken as per law (photos annexed).

Modified SilencerFurther, Chandigarh Traffic Police is conducting a special drive against vehicles with Modified Silencer in the city on a daily basis. During this drive, many motorcycles with modified silencers have been impounded by Chandigarh Traffic Police and owners of such vehicles have been motivated to replace the modified silencers (photos annexed).

During this year upto 4.3.2018, 690 violators have been challaned for the violation of silencer non-functional/creating undue noise/Playing music at high pitch. Further, 71 motorcycles have been impounded for such violation, out of which modified silencers of 34 motorcycles have been replaced at Traffic Lines, Sector 29, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Traffic police appeals to the general public that modification of silencers of motorcycles is a violation. If anyone is found riding a motorcycle with modified silencer, please share his/her information on Chandigarh Traffic Police whatsapp No. 9779580985. Strict action shall be taken against such vehicles which can also be seized by the Police.


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