Online Courses Beyond Mainstream Education Offered By KLAPUS

Online Courses Beyond Mainstream Education Offered By KLAPUS

Kapos Entertainment launched India’s one-of-a-kind EdTech platform ‘Klapus’, a subscription-based Co-Curricular Activities learning platform intending to provide education beyond mainstream education.

With the available courses like Dance, Music, Acting, Disc Jockey, Yoga, Fitness, Fashion, Food, and Comedy, etc. students who were unable to pursue their passion or hobby due to pandemic and nationwide lockdown can now go after their interest along with the academic education with Klapus. Not just students but the people of all age groups who left their passion and interest due to any reason can now avail themselves of the unlimited benefits of the platform at very economical prices.

Along with the skill enhancement education, Klapus employs the instructors and professionals in the CCA category to showcase their mastery in their expertise while teaching the same to the users.

COVID-19 made CCA learning very complex and entertainment came out as one of the most hit industries in India, a lot of entertainment professionals lost their job and CCA institutes were forced to shut. To overcome this Kapos Entertainment came up with the idea of Klapus which doesn’t only give a platform to learn but allows the professionals/ instructors to start teaching online being at home and earn money. 

Through teaching Klapus allows such professionals to build their followers and get their due recognition where learners can learn from unlimited industry experts by just subscribing to it.

Commenting on the occasion, Rakesh Das, Founder, Klapus, said “India, which is still dealing with the second wave of COVID-19, cases are rising and its effects are very much visible in every corner in each aspect but COVID cannot stop students from learning anymore, CCA education is as important as academic education. With Klapus, we aspire to inspire children to get back to learning their passion and improve their CCA skills and confidence which will lead to diminishing the stress, anxiety and will lead to good mental health too. Klapus makes education more interactive, interesting, and accessible to all.”

Klapus have well-curated courses with direct interactive sessions with the instructors and user-friendly interface which people of all age groups can avail the benefits under Rs. 49 to Rs. 299 annual subscription and is available on Android and IOS.

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