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Parakkat Nature Resort Munnar, Explore Luxury in the lap of Nature!

Parakkat Nature Resort Munnar

Explore luxury at the Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar. The Resort sits majestically amidst the abundant flora and fauna. The breath-taking views from this stunning structure definitely offer therapeutic benefits. This magnificent resort is spread over an area of around twelve acres. It possesses various suites and rooms in-order to provide its guests the perfect experience in just a fifteen minutes’ drive from Munnar you can reach the Parakkat Nature Resort and unfold tranquility while enjoying luxury.

A break from the daily hustle-bustle is must needed and Hence, visiting the Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar, will definitely provide a therapeutic experience along with a change of scenery! 

Where is Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar located? 

The Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar is present at 2nd mile, Chithirapuram, Pallivasal, Kerala. 

If you plan to visit it from Munnar then this resort might take a fifteen-minute drive. Since it is about 9 kilometres away. 

What does the Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar offers? 

The Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar sits different from all the other resorts since it pampers its guest to a completely different level! Here is what the Parakkat Nature Resort has to offer:

Parakkat Nature Hotel & Resort
  1. The rooms offered: This resort has 78 rooms available for its guests. Out of which 60 rooms possess a private balcony. Each room reflects luxury through the rhythmic colours, best technology and contemporary furnishing.  There are 2 types of suites present:
    * Club Suite: This suite has an area of 721 square feet. The suite possesses interconnected rooms. These rooms have been built in order to encourage a carefree stay!
    * Presidential Suite: This suite has an area of 900 Square feet. This suite has been constructed in such a way that it provides a heavenly stay to the guests. Experience the kingly life at the presidential suite now! 
  2. Experience wonderful culinary delight. A Wide variety of teas, coffee, and breakfast is available! The restaurant at this resort will definitely provide with an elegant dining experience!
  3. The spa centre will help you unwind and de-stress in order to offer you an extremely therapeutic vacation.
  4. The resort offers a personalized experience, Especially for honeymooners! If you take the special package of the resort, then you will be able to enjoy an extremely luxurious level of service. 
  5. Luxury conference hall for conducting meetings and conferences.
  6. Swimming pool, to keep the heat away during summer months.
  7. All temperatures of water available. Whether hot or cold.
  8. Comfortable Parking space

Planning to Visit the Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar for Honeymoon? 

  • To the all the couples who are planning for a honeymoon, Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar will not only offer a majestic environment with breath-taking views but it will also offer luxurious amenities to make your experience truly memorable. 
  • Apart from the spectacular services and environment offered by the resort, the couple will also be able to enjoy an exclusive package which is known as “Bliss of Love”. Under this package the couple stays in a fully furnished honeymoon suite with a round bed and stunning bedroom decorations. 

Planning to Visit the Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar with Friends?

  • The time spend with friends is always memorable, and this Resort will be the perfect spot, if you wish to unwind with friends. In order to de-stress, the spa at this resort will be beneficial.
  • You can celebrate your birthday party, or anniversary party at the world class halls present in the resort. Partying amidst nature is definitely an exciting experience! 
  • Many outdoor activities such as Rope way, jeep trekking, campfire and cave house, are offered to the guests so that there is a hint of adventure and excitement also while they relax on their vacation.

You must checkout this vlog on Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar, as it will provide you with an overall glimpse of this luxurious resort sitting majestically in the lap of nature! Apart from this you will also be well informed about the various amenities and what to expect if you are planning a visit to this place! 

What can you do in Munnar? 

Munnar is present in Kerala. It is a hill station amidst various tea plantations. If you are visiting Munnar, then there are various things that you can’t miss! Apart from staying in the Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar, the below listed activities will make your vacation even more exciting! 


Mesmerize Neelakurinji: Munnar is considered as one of the best tourist places in Kerala. You will be surprised to know that only once in 12 years, a shrub having purplish blue flowers, blooms! This shrub is known as Neelakurinji! This shrub is present in Munnar and provides a stunning hillside view during its blooming season. Such a view is definitely a must visit! Hence, visiting Munnar during such a time is truly a treat to the eyes! Visitors from all around the world come to have a glimpse of such a view!

The echo point where you can shout your lungs out: Isn’t shouting out another exciting activity which might also relieve stress? Well bring out the child in you and visit the Echo point. This point is present at a 600 feet altitude. The phenomenon of echoing can be experienced here hence making it a very popular destination.T!his place is also suitable for clicking pictures! The point is present at a distance of 15 kilometres from the tourist place Munnar but it is definitely worth visiting.

The Tata Tea or KDHP Museum: This museum is present at a distance of 2 kilometres from the place Munnar and its present in Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea. The museum projects various antiquities. Various exhibits are also available such as Rotorvane the tea roller.

Riding Elephant: Explore flora and fauna while sitting on the elephant. An elephant ride is considered as the most exciting ride here and being seated on the elephant is also quite comforting. The ride will take you around and provide a glimpse of the lengthy trails of grassland. The best and quite famous activity here in Munnar is trying and picking various types of tea leaves

Shikhara Ride at the Kundala dam and lake: Present in the lush jungle kundala dam and the lake is 23 kilometres away from the city of Munnar. pedal boat rides and the Kashmiri Shikara boating are extremely popular. Apart from this when the cherry blossom flowers bloom here it gives the entire environment such a heavenly look. This is just the perfect place for rejuvenation.

Nyayamakad Waterfall Munnar: A waterfall is always soothing to not only the eyes but also to the mind since it has such healing characteristics! just the sound of a waterfall can seem like having healing properties since it is so therapeutic. While you travel to Nyayamakad waterfall Munnar you will be able to witness the tea leaves picking activity being carried on by many ladies.

Eravikulam National Park: An area of about 97 kilometres covered by this national park. You will be amazed to know that this national park is home to such diverse species of flora and fauna. The Neelakurinji flower that blooms just once in 12 years is found here and apart from this, NilgiriTahr, a mammal of the Western Ghats can be seen at this place! Hence, visiting this national park is must as you will be able to mesmerise nature.

Kolukkumalai Tea Plantations: The view of these Kolukkumalai plantations are definitely worth watching.The plantations are also considered as the highest elevated tea plantation in the world. The tea here tastes absolutely amazing as the old style quality of the tea has been maintained.

Treks and Tours at Shola Mathikettan Rainforest: Witness various animals such as deer, elephants and the giant squirrel while trekking through the wildlife. Hence, trekking here can be extremely exciting and adventurous since this green paradise is a residence to many different kinds of animals and plants.

What could be the perfect time to plan a trip for this place?

The perfect time to plan a trip to this place is during the month of October and November. You can even think on planning a trip to munnar within the months of January and May.

How many days are enough for exploring Munnar?

If you are planning a trip to Munnar then you must spend 3 to 4 days as this will provide you with enough time to not only relax and unwind but also know the tourist spot, hence a trip to Munnar in Kerala is must.

If you plan to visit this tourist destination, then you should also visit this Parakkat Resort and consider that Resort for your stay since you will not only be witnessing beauty but you can get the opportunity to be able to pamper yourself in a luxurious manner.

Parakkat Nature Resort has been serving for a span of four years now and within these four years they have servedeven more than five thousand guests in the best manner possible. This marvellous resort has obtained a five-star rating from more than four thousand people hence making it one of the top destinations for stay in Munnar.

If you are planning a trip with family or friends or even planning for honeymoon then this resort has got it all. It offers a cosy and out of the ordinary feeling as it is present amidst the rolling tea plantations and lush forests. Therefore, experience hospitality at the Parakkat Nature Resort in Munnar.

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