Party Hairstyle For Long Hair That Makes You Look Stunning!

“Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off”

Getting ready for a party or a wedding are two different things. You’d rather go for something extremely-heavy and captivating for a wedding but when it comes to a party, you need to look stunning with the simplicity that your effort on hair serves. You can choose among the below-listed party hairstyle for long hair that suits you the best or you might even get inspired to create such a hairstyle with slight variations, but the main objective is definitely to wear the hairstyle that makes your face look well structured and enhances your beauty further enhancing your personality. 

Party Hairstyle For Long Hair That Goes With All Party Outfits

Check out the listed party hairstyle for long hair which can suit almost any party dress that you choose to wear! Don’t forget to add some light hair accessories to lift the entire look. 

1. Waterfall braids

A waterfall braid is an elegant hairstyle to get ready for a party since this hairstyle involves little braiding on the upper portion of the head, giving a pretty minimal hair work look.

 party hairstyle for long hair

You could also leave the rest of the hair which is not involved in the braid kept straight, or you could either curl them or give it a wavy look. This look is not only perfect for a party but also fits date nights very well since the hairstyle serves a simple, romantic look.

2. Crown braid

If your hair has texture and a bit of grit then this is the coolest hairstyle you can wear for some day times party. It’s the perfect tea party look which can be completed with some cute light-colored mini dress. This is a unique combination of royalty mixed with a tinge of youthfulness.

The best way to make this crown braid is by plaiting your hair in a double French or Dutch braid. Then you can just lift each and pin it on the opposite side to create a crown. 

3. Straight high ponytail

A high ponytail is a great style to brag about those gorgeous cheekbones. When you’re trying to go for a minimal but sharp look at a party, this is the perfect hairstyle! It’s also a good idea to wear this hairstyle with an extremely captivating dress so that this light hairstyle balances out your overall look!

4. Bombshell curls

You’re going to be proud of yourself if you style your hair into bombshell curves because you might attract tons of compliments! Everyone can get this look by using hot rollers or curl-styling products.

You might also use a serum for the perfect shine and luster. You can successfully pull off this look with a pretty body-hugging dress since it gets balanced out by the voluminous hairstyle.

5. Fishtail braid on a side

This tousled fishtail braid kept on the side, gives an extremely mesmerizing look not only since the braid seems like a wonderful piece of art but also since it serves a mermaid-like look

. It isn’t as complicated to create this style as it looks. You might become a master at it after a couple of tries. You can easily do the fishtail braid to pull off any outfit. 

Styling Tools To Create A Gorgeous Party Hairstyle For Long Hair: 

Styling is an extremely necessary part since we can’t be running to a hair salon every time we’ve got to style our hair. Therefore, get yourselves the best hair styling equipment as mentioned below: 

 Havells HC4045 5 in 1: An extremely useful product that can solve the purpose of:

  • Straightening
  • Curling
  • Volume brush
  • Crimper 
  • Conical curling

Fix My Curls Hydrating Deep Conditioner:

Best for wavy, curly hair since it helps to strengthen dry, damaged, and brittle hair. The conditioner is created with eighty oils that make it all the more hydrating to make your hair healthy.

Philips 50-watt thermal protect technology heated hair straightening brush: if you are extremely fond of straight hair then this is the Best Buy for you. Get natural straight hair in just 5 minutes of using this brush. It heats up fast and is ready to use in just 50 seconds.

Vega pro touch 1800-2000 watts hair dryer: this is a professional hair dryer with two detachable nozzles. Fast Blow dry your hair in style using this Vega hair dryer.

Remember to always wear the hairstyle you feel confident and comfortable in because certain unsuitable or shabby hairstyles might lead to a feeling of self-doubt and personal criticism, which might affect you more than you know.

There’s a saying that a good hairstyle even brings compliments to a simple dress & hence, you must use the above-listed party hairstyle for long hair as an inspiration for creating your perfect hair!

Written By: Nehal Sharma

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