People Urged Not to Use National Flags Made of Plastic

People urged not to use National Flags made of plastic

A spokesperson of the state government said here today said that it has been noticed that on the occasion of important National, cultural and sports events, the National Flags made of plastic are being used in place of National Flags made of paper.

The appeal has been made to the public to avoid the use of plastic flags and to use paper flags in terms of the provisions of the ‘Flag Code of India, 2002′ and that such paper flags are not discarded or thrown on the ground after the event. Such flags are to be disposed of, in private, consistent with the dignity of the Flag. He said that plastic flags are not biodegradable like paper flags so they do not get decomposed for a long time and do not ensure appropriate disposal.

He said that the Indian National Flag represents hopes and aspirations of the people of our country and hence should occupy a position of honor. There are universal affection and respect for, and loyalty to, the National Flag. He said that a perceptible lack of awareness is often noticed amongst people as well as organizations and agencies of the government, regarding to laws, practices, and conventions that apply to display of the National Flag.

He urged the people to strictly comply with the provisions in the ‘flag Code of India, 2002’ and ‘ The Prevention of Insults to National Honour  Act, 1971’ to maintain the dignity and respect of the National flag.

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