Psychology as a Career Option: Study in Theories of Mind

Psychology as a career

Is Psychology can be a good career option?

Yes, Psychology as a career option is the best decision who believes to read theories behind the mind and behavior.

Psychology is a pedagogical and applied discipline including the scientific investigation of mental health, thought process and individual’s behavior.

It also implies the application of such information to numerous spheres of human action, including relating to the routine lives of individuals and the treatment of psychological illness.

Undoubtedly, psychology does not refer to the brain or nervous system of the individual and may be framed strictly in terms of phenomenological doctrine or information processing theories of mind.

Although, an understanding of the functionality of the brain is more and more being involved in psychological theory and its application, specifically in areas such as intelligence retrieval, computing, artificial intelligence, neuropsychology, and cognitive neuroscience.

In other words, psychology is evolved as social science, its fields of specialization have expanded and its educational and training specifications have become corroborate.

Psychology as a career option
Psychology as a career option

Psychologists employed in a variety of fields in academic and professional sites.

A psychologist can be classified into three categories:


Psychologists who use their knowledge of psychology to aid individuals or
groups by providing certain serviced, often in the form of therapy or Counseling.


They are employed in colleges and universities and typically engaged in
teaching and research.


They are employed in agencies industries where examine diverse such as the effect of toxic environmental substances on the process of learning and memory.


To step in the right direction and to pursue Psychology in India (irrespective of any specialization) is similar to the beginning of something.

You need to pass Senior Secondary (Class XII) with any stream, but opting psychology as a subject in Class XI & XII is welcomed to gain the fundamental knowledge about this discipline, and then pursue a Bachelor’s Degree program in Psychology with honors.

Moreover, a master’s degree program in Psychology is usually desired to start your career as a psychologist in various academic and professional settings.

You may be required to pursue additional qualifications as per depending upon your professional educational objective.

A degree in Masters of Philosophy is beneficial to your practice as a clinical psychologist.

Apart from that, you may pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling to begin your job in developmental and counseling psychology.


Psychology is a diversified field that is hoping to see substantial growth.

No individual is just a ‘psychologist’.

Since psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its behavior, it has multiplied applications in all walks of life — family, work, relationships, schools, colleges, sports, industries and in organizational situations. Consequently, every individual has the possibility to
identify and select from a wide range of specializations, whether it is forensic psychology, counseling psychology, clinical psychology or organizational and industrial psychology. In meanwhile, these days a professional education of psychology provides a great career opportunity for students for helping others to have sound mental health and emotional

Following are some of the trending career opportunities in the domain of psychology.

Forensic Psychologists

 Forensic Psychologists
Forensic Psychologists

Forensic psychology operates in making a bridge between psychology and the criminal justice system.

The forensic psychologist must understand the standards of the country’s judicial system to be plausible evidence.

The court appoints the forensic psychologist as a connoisseur witness and is suitably charged to analyze if the accused is competent in standing trial.

A forensic psychologist has to show and prove if the defendant is not mad or mentally ill with the help of using psychological questioning and testing.

A forensic psychologist is also contemplating to interpret his or her psychological findings in legal terms.

They deliver recommendations treatment, evaluate the risk of accused behavior, work out if the evidence is convincing, and proposed months or years of sentencing.

Forensic psychologists often work with police personnel, law enforcement personnel, and public defenders.

School Counselors

School Counselors
School Counselors

For those aspirants who prefer teaching or working in educational institutions then educational psychology, school psychology, and guidance and counseling are the best possibilities to choose from. The designation of Counselors in any educational organization is mainly concerned with the overall mental welfare of the students and teachers.

School counselors always work with children who are facing difficulty in learning, adjustment and responding whether at home or in school.

They also assist parents in addressing the concerns of their children.

Educational Psychologists

Educational Psychologists
Educational Psychologists

Psychologists who make study materials as per the aspects of human learning are called educational psychologists.

They help learners to enhance their reading skills through a new or developed method.

They also evaluate the effects of educational interventions on the learning and development of the students.

Many educational psychologists concentrate on exceptional children, gifted children and those with disabilities.

This is only a profession that also works at a strategic level to research improving the educational policy of the country for the development of all groups of children.



After graduating from medical college, an MBBS doctor can do specialization in the subject of psychiatry which helps in the treatment of severely disturbed patients.

Psychiatrists incline to be the most eminent accomplishment among professionals of mental health.

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist meets with individuals to identify their problems related to emotional, mental, and behavioral.

Through observation techniques, interview schedules and psychological tests, clinical psychologists will diagnose any existing and potential disorder in a person.

Then, based on an individual’s needs, clinical psychologists formulate a program of treatment to ensure their psychological well-being.

Most of the clinical psychologists employed in private practice. Others work in schools and universities, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, community, and mental healthcare centers.

To sum up, the world of psychology is diverse as it functions on studying the mind and behavior of humans.

Not only in India, many job offers can avail by graduates after attaining a desirable knowledge in the domain of psychology, but also a prosperous future in developed nations.

Moreover, there are the most common designations offers by the multinational companies that are concerned about the mental well-being of their workforce.

Undoubtedly, having a psychology degree is one of the best degrees that offer good career satisfaction and salary as well.

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