– Says this can be game changer for Punjab
– Can liberate farmers from the clutches of the MSP
– Australian High Commissioner assures all help
– Happy Seeder technology a success, already 1 Lakh hectare done, fights stubble

– Tourism, Sports also to get ample support as both Australia and Punjab walk

Amritsar, February 18:

Welcoming the Australian High Commissioner to India, Harinder Sidhu at Amritsar, Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu batted for marketing Punjab crop in World market and said that Australia, which has expertise in this, can be of great help.

The Punjab Minister who quoted a recent statement by a senior official of the NEETI Ayog, emphasized that there was need to market the Punjab crop in the world market and this can be a real game changer for the farmers. The Minister said this will have great results and not only hugely benefit the farmers but also liberate the farmers from the clutches of the MSP.

Sidhu, who applauded the Australian expertise in this arena said, “Australia has great strength and technical prowess to market crop in the world market. I have requested the Australian High Commissioner and she has assured all help.”

As the Punjab Minister insisted that Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh can go to Australia and witness all this happening there and also see how Punjab can benefit from it, the Australian High Commissioner said that firstly a delegation from Punjab can come to see how crop is marketed at world level.

The Minister said that he will discuss with the Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh and soon a delegation will be sent to Australia to know strategies and there will be rich results, he added

The Punjab Minister said this entire process can directly benefit the farmers and will give a fillip to the state as well. Other than agricultural aspect, the Minister said that Punjab will tie with Tourism Australia to develop in this sector.Meanwhile, the Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu also batted for the happy seeder technology.

We have already done 1 Lakh hectare through this technology and helps in a great way to fight the serious issue of stubble burning. This technology is a great success already and can help in a big way in battling the problem of stubble burning.

The Minister further said the beauty of this technology is it does harvesting as well as sowing in one go.

Talking on Tourism, the Punjab Minister said, Australia is one of the most looked after destinations and Amritsar also has seen a rise in number by 25000 tourists per day. We need to further tap this potential and after taking Australian know how on this, efforts will be to further bolster the tourism.

Already a lot of work between Punjab and Australia is being done in the sports sector. The coaches from Australia are coming not only to train them but also introducing the technological support to boost both players and the support staff, he added.

Applauding the efforts of Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu and the Punjab State, the Australian High Commissioner to India Harinder Kaur Sidhu said, “Yes, the marketing of crop into the world market is a great idea and initiative shown by the Minister here. We in Australia expertise in this and will look forward to give ample support to the Punjab State.”

We in Australia not only look for best marketing strategies buy also train the farmers of various crops and also the latest technology being brought into the farming, she added.

The things have been moving between Punjab and Australia in the field of sports and tourism and Agriculture to has a great potential. I am also visiting the Punjab Agricultural University to gather more in this field, said the Australian High Commissioner.

Earlier, the Punjab Minister welcomed the visiting High Commissioner and said that the tremendous vision and urge to help Punjab shown by the High Commissioner will bring great results.

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