Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 – Allu Arjun Steals the Show & Heart

Pushpa The rise part 1

Honestly, I was in a dilemma for watching Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 movie as it is an action film which is not my taste at all. 

However, I came across the superhit track from the movie “Srivalli” which is, indeed, a beautiful song. And all the praise for the leading actors of the film made me watch it on Amazon Prime Video

Released on 17 December 2021, Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 is an excellent film with an 8/10 IMDb rating. The storyline of the movie revolves around red sandalwood smuggling. We will proceed further with the review of the superhit movie. Let’s first have a look at the star cast.

Pushpa: The Rise, directed by Sukumar and features Allu Arjun as the protagonist named Pushpa, is a Telugu language film and has dubbed versions in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi languages.

Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 -Star Cast & Character

  • Director, Story & Screen Play: Sukumar
  • Dialogue : Srikanth Vissa
  • Tamil Dialogue: Madhan Karky
  • Allu Arjun : Pushpa Raj (Protagonist)
  • Rashmika Mandanna: Srivalli
  • Kalpalatha: Pushpa’s Mother
  • Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari: Kesava
  • Shatru : DSP Govindappa
  • Fahadh Faasil : SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat 
  • Dhananjaya : Jolly Reddy
  • Ajay Ghosh: Konda Reddy
  • Shanmukh: Jakka Reddy
  • Anasuya Bharadwaj: Dakshayini
  • Suneel: Mangalam Srinu
  • Rao Ramesh: Bhumireddy Siddappa Naidu (MLA)
  • Brahmaji: SI Kupparaj

Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 -An Underdog Thrives Power & Rise to Dominion 

If someone asks me the plot of Pushpa: The Rise Part 1, It is merely about power and pride. The protagonist “Pushpa Raj” brilliantly performed by Allu Arjun, lives for his pridefulness. He thrives on power and refuses to bow down. 

Pushpa was born out of wedlock, so he was denied his father’s surname. Initially, Pushpa was a laborer in a mill where he quit his job as he believed that he does not owe respect to the employer. Allu Arjun has effortlessly depicted the style and charisma of Pushpa Raj.

Pushpa: The Rise Part 1

Later, Pushpa Raj joined the coolies in Seshachalam, who chops down red sandalwood illegally. Eventually sold to the people in power and exported to China. Red Sandalwood is native and endemic to India and only found in the southern parts of the Eastern Ghats.  

In a syndicate that consists of numerous players, Pushpa slowly learns to find his ground and rise in positions from the man who would once chop down these trees becomes the one giving the orders. He was an underdog who strived to be in power & he made it happen because he was always a step ahead of the police (DSP Govindappa). Pushpa managed to save a large quantity of red sander from the police and won the trust of the man in power “Konda Reddy”. 

There’s A Love Story Too – Pushpa & Srivalli

Rashmika Mandanna played the female lead “Srivalli” the love interest of Pushpa. Their love story is very innocent. Pushpa was crazy to catch the sight of Srivalli. It was funny how he used to ask his friend “Dekhi Kya Mere Ko.” 

Kesava (Pushpa’s Friend) paid Srivalli & her friends and ask her to have eye contact with Pushpa. Kesava further convinced Srivalli’s father for marriage but he did not tell him about Pushpa’s identity and when the families met truth was revealed by his step-brother stating that he was an illegitimate child and denying him of his family name. They called the marriage off, also in scuffle his mother got injured.

Srivalli confessed her love to Pushpa when Jaali Reddy Abducted her father. And to save her father, she has to spend a night with jaali Reddy. Pushpa has beaten jaali Reddy to black and blue to save Srivalli and her father from him. 

The Twist In Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 – SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat 

When Pushpa was doing the best in his personal and professional life, new SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat entered his life. He was a hard nut to crack; he was powerful. 

SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat handcuffed and insulted Pushpa in exchange for his invitation to his marriage ceremony. 

SP Bhanwar Singh tried to dominate Pushpa and humiliated him for being born out of wedlock.

Shockingly, Pushpa, who always refused to bow down allowed SP Shekhawat to establish his dominance over Pushpa. SP Shekhawat became the one who makes the rules, and Pushpa has to follow them.

On his Wedding Day, he had a meeting with SP Shekhawat and had a round of drinks with him. Followed by that, he stated how hurtful he was from the insult he had to bear because his mother was happily waiting for his wedding. 

 Pushpa: The Rise Part 1

He shows a clear picture to SP Shekhawat that he is respected only for his uniform. On gunpoint, he forced SP Shekhawat to undress. Pushpa undressed too. And reached the wedding venue without clothes on but he was still respected by all. 

 On other hand, SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat was not even recognized by his dog without his uniform. In outrage, he shot the dog. 

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Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 was an engaging movie. The dialogs of the movie and the acting are just beyond amazing. Allu Arjun is the soul of the movie, He has engrossed himself in the character “Pushpa”. Rashmika Mandanna is getting all the credits for her work in the movie. However, no one is talking about Fahadh Faasil who played SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, His Haryanvi dialect and acting were impeccable. 

All in all, Pushpa: The Rise Part 1 is a super movie, brilliantly directed but the only negative point I would like to mention is that long songs. The songs should have been shortened to decrease the duration of the film. Otherwise, It is a must-watch movie, no matter if you enjoy action drama or not just like me, You will still appreciate this movie as it has comedy, Romance and action altogether. 

Written By: Jaspreet Kaur

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