Female with Rare Gastro Condition Treatment successfully

Gastro treatment

A 38-Year old female patient from Ludhiana suffering from a rare disorder of the food pipe known as ‘Achalasia Cardia’ was treated successfully at Ivy Hospital, Nawanshahr recently.

Giving information, Dr. Anurag Sachan gastroenterologist at Ivy Hospital, Nawanshehr said that the female was having difficulty in eating food and regurgitation of the food ingested for the past two years.

Talking about ‘Achalasia Cardia’, Dr. Anurag said that in this disorder, the muscles of the oesophagus lose their coordination and proper passage of food to the stomach is hampered.

Slowly the oesophagus dilates and can cause regurgitation of previously eaten food. Once confirmed with oesophageal manometry, this disorder can be treated without any incision over the skin with advanced endoscopic technique of Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM), he informed.

Giving information about the procedure, he said that it was done under general anaesthesia and took around 02 hours for the procedure.

The procedure was done by creating a tunnel in the oesophagus between muscle and the oesophageal mucosa. The muscle was cut endoscopically and then the mucosa was closed. The patient could start orally after one day of the procedure, said Dr Anurag.

The patient was monitored for 1-2 days and then discharged. The patient is now doing well. She is now able to eat well and regurgitation has stopped.

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