20 Things You Must Clear Out To Remove Negative Energy From Home

Remove Negative Energy from Home

People follow all sorts of Vastu tips, yet complain about their lack of peace and prosperity. Most of the time, they forget about the things they are using in their daily activities, which can bring negativity. This article is going to discuss 20 such things that should be avoided to remove negative energy and bad luck from the home. 

Discard These Things Right Away To Remove Negative Energy

Your home has certain things that bring negativity and makes your life gloomy. The overlooked or neglected items persisting in your house lead the way to the bad omens. The first thing you must do is remove these items from your home to get rid of the negative energy.

1. Pictures of War Scenes, Wild Animals, Sinking Ships or Boats, Demons or Monsters

Paintings and pictures of wild animals like snakes, eagles, pigeons, bats, or crows should be removed. According to Vastu, the partner’s rooms should not have pictures of single birds and animals. It attracts wild behavior among the family members which should be avoided to remove negative energy

Remove Negative Energy from Home
  • Pictures of the sinking ship must be avoided as it is considered a bad relationship between the family members. Also, the pictures of demons or monsters should be avoided or immediately replaced or thrown away. 
  • Paintings or pictures of destruction or wars attract negative energy and distress for the family. 
  • Pictures of trees that bear no fruit or after-war pictures need to be removed. Any magical images like ‘Indrajal’ should be immediately removed. 
  • There are some paintings like a waterfall or ocean that can attract financial loss and disturb the peace of home. It is due to unstable element like water that creates instability in the mind. 

 2. Broken Utensils, Glass Windows, Mirrors, or Idols

Broken glass windows should be immediately replaced and repaired. In the kitchen, broken glass or ceramic utensils can also attract sadness among the family members.

Replace broken Utensils & glass to Remove Negative Energy from Home

3. Furniture Kept in The Wrong Direction or Empty Rocking Chairs or Even a Disorganized Bed

Broken or worn-out furniture should be immediately replaced to remove negative energy

Rocking chairs are used by old people and an empty chair can bring negative energy inside the homes. Clutter under the bed or inside the bedrooms also attracts negative energy that should be avoided. 

Remove Negative Energy from Home

An unorganized or unmade bed brings a poor night’s sleep and it also doesn’t look good for the guests. It should also be noted that no mirrors should face the bed as it is said that mirrors can steal the soul. 

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4. Sharp Weapons or Rusty Materials

Rusty items should be immediately removed from the house and even from the store room to remove negative energy. Brass utensils should not be thrown away as Shani Deva resides in brass material that may end up in financial issues. 

Remove Negative Energy from Home

Rusty materials should be removed or cleaned from rust and kept inside the house. These will attract financial loss and block the path of progress.  

5. Pictures That Depict Negativity Like Crying Babies

Various things attract negative energy and among them, one is the picture of a crying baby. These kinds of pictures pave the way for sorrow and foster pain.

Avoid Crying babies picture to 
Remove Negative Energy from Home

6. Worn And Torn Clothes, Accessories Like Bags, And Declutter The Wardrobe 

Worn-out clothes and accessories attract negative energy. Spring cleaning twice a year is important to declutter the wardrobe or the whole house can remove negative energy

  • Old mops or rags should be changed after every two months. Moreover, old files, newspapers or magazines should be removed from the house. They have resale value and remove negative energy.
  • People often forget about changing the dates of calendars which is also a bad sign. So one should avoid hanging old calendars and replace them with new ones. 

 7. Foul Smell From Shoe Racks or Drains

Any foul smell from inside or outside the house should be immediately checked as it brings negative energy. One can try essential oils or incense sticks to bring positive energy and ward off any evil spirits.

Remove Negative Energy from Home

There are several Vastu rituals in other articles that can be followed to attract positive vibes inside and around the house. Open shoe racks should be removed out of the house or the shoes should be kept inside an enclosed shoe rack.

8. Thorny Plants Like Cactus or Bonsai

Cacti or bonsai can be brought as a showpiece but some of the thorny plants like acacia are considered bad luck and should be discarded to remove negative energy. It is believed that these plants cause friction between family members. However, roses can be kept outside the house or in the garden. 

Remove Negative Energy from Home

9. Staled Food Items or Expired Medicines

Packaged food items that are already expired or stale food items should be discarded immediately. According to Vastu, stale or rotten food causes illness and Vastu dosha.
Expired medicines should be removed from the house as they can cause health issues as proven by science.

10. Certain Paints Like Green or Black Doors

Green paints are used mostly for painting the rooms of children which contain arsenic that produces arsine gas. Thus it is considered unlucky and should be avoided to remove negative energy. Black or any dark shades must be avoided for painting doors and windows. 

11. Pictures of Mahabharata or Statue of Nataraja or Taj Mahal

Mahabharata is epic mythology that represents never-ending rivalry among the family. Therefore, pictures of Mahabharata should be always avoided. Even war pictures of Ramayana should be avoided as it depicts the same rivalry among the members.

Remove Negative Energy from Home
  • The Nataraja figure is a great work of art; however, it is a symbol of destruction. The dance form is actually the Tandav dance of lord shiva or the cosmic dance.
  • Smaller versions of the statue of the Taj Mahal used to be sold during the 80s and 90s as it symbolizes love. It used to look good but according to Vastu, it symbolizes death and sadness. Nowadays people do not keep it as they believe it to have hugely impacted their lives.

12. Decorative Items Like Water Fountains

There are small water fountains that are available online nowadays. It definitely looks good but, according to Vastu, as it depicts the flow of wealth might not be stable and lost as time passes.

13. Broken Electronic Items Like Used Batteries, Broken Chargers

Removing unused electronic items like batteries, broken chargers, or any other electronic items in the kitchen or bathrooms brings positive energy. Dysfunctional wristwatches or broken ornaments signify stress and failure in relationships.

Broken electronic items attracts negative energy

14. Used Bottles or Plastics Old Brooms or Broken Clocks

Everything now comes with plastic wrapping and it gets accumulated inside the kitchen or store rooms. They cause health hazards for children and also attract negative energy. Thus removing them or reselling them will be the best option

  • An old broom attracts negative energy and the effect doubles if the house is new. According to Vastu, the old broom keeps away positive energies thus introducing new brooms is not at all a bad idea.
  • Broken antique clocks or any wall clocks or electronic ones that have death signs should be immediately fixed.

15. Fireflies

Fireflies are attractive and cute as children bring them inside the home. But, they are considered unlucky since it signifies immediate death.

16. Dried And Dead Plants or Fake Flowers

Dried or dead plants bring negative energy. Thus, they should be immediately removed with new plants. Even fake plants or flowers attract negative energy at home.
According to Victorian superstition red and white flowers together depict death.

Remove Dry And Dead Plants to Remove Negative Energy from Home

17. Axe And Garden Hoe

Bringing an axe inside the house brings death. In fact, it is also not safe if there are children around the house. It should be kept outside the house and in the garden. 

It is not bad if a garden hoe is used and kept outside the house for gardening. But bringing them inside the house will bring bad fortune. However, walking back from the same door while entering will reverse the bad effect and remove negative energy

 18. Open Umbrella

Bringing an open umbrella is considered bad luck. According to Egyptian tradition, it is an insult to the house guardian spirit. It could also get into someone’s eyes if they are close by.

19. Wild Birds Inside The House

A wild bird gets inside the house through an open window and brings death news to the family. So, always be careful if there is a wild bird inside the bedroom as it brings dirt and dust from outside which should be avoided.

Wild Birds Bring Negative Energy

20. Leaning Ladder

Almost every house has ladders but a leaning ladder is not auspicious, especially since walking under them can attract bad luck. According to Christian tradition walking in a triangular shape has an intruding effect. Thus, when the ladder is not in use it must be kept in its place or away from the passages.

Every person has their own specific wish to decorate their home. But most of them are not aware of Vastu or astrological tips to remove negative energy for attracting health, prosperity, peace, and love. Now that you know about the effects of these objects that induce stress and anxiety it’s time to work out and declutter the house from all these items.

Written By: Manashi Dey

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