Role of Commercial Office Cleaning Services in The Digital Age, Post-COVID World


UDS, the leading facility management and commercial office cleaning services, has stepped up its role as a commercial sanitiser to ensure covid protocol is maintained in residential and commercial properties.

UDS, the top commercial office cleaning services in India, has been at the forefront of helping commercial and residential facility owners in this fight against the pandemic. The company has stepped up their commercial sanitising services to enable Indian companies to return to their offices safely. The pandemic has been the season of changes and the new normal today promotes health and hygiene as the topmost priority. The role of professionally trained facility management has become the focus that can help drive sophisticated initiatives to combat the viruss spread within the facility. A professional facility management company, like UDS, will help owners of built spaces that include retail stores, warehouses, offices and others to have a tailored plan to practice safe work practices. UDS has embraced smart technologies to increase automation and efficient handling of office space, business parks, shopping malls, residential complexes and even public spaces.

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Mr. Aashish from the company said, “We aim to deliver a comprehensive sanitising solution for office and residential spaces that completely follows covid protocol norms using the latest procedures and equipment. We tailor plans to suit the need of every facility. The carefully customised plans help companies plan out their day to day activities and safeguard the health and wellness of their employees.” The company feels that its technology-driven IFM solutions have helped in effective digital transformations and data analytics. It has helped them make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall productivity and performance of the organisation.

Aashish further added, “We feel that we have succeeded in bringing India back to the office. Our greatest challenge and our well-formulated procedures have helped create hygiene and wellness in the organisations. Our sanitising and disinfection services cover all movable and fixed assets, including factory machinery and equipment. We use approved PPE kits and disinfectants as per the guidelines provided by WHO and ICMR.” A customer quoted saying, “Team UDS has been an excellent support in managing our facility needs so we could bring our employees back to work. It was a challenging process, but we have been able to successfully follow covid protocols and consistently able to maintain the hygiene standards of the facility.”

“We feel that smart technologies in managing smart workspaces have greatly influenced in controlling the spread of infection during the covid times. A dynamic facility with unique occupancy patterns can be challenging, but we can better control the intelligence gained from data analytics. All assets used in the building will be remotely monitored. It includes sensors, lights, windows, doors, CCTV, and HVAC units. Each will have a unique identity and will be fully connected and monitored. IoT technologies and artificial intelligence has increased operational efficiency,” said the Manager of the company.

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About UDS

UDS is the leading integrated facilities management and commercial cleaning company to create a sustainable and smart office space. The company uses digitised process, automation and the latest equipment to achieve 100% results and compliant with the current covid protocol norms. They help companies embrace new protocol as India is slowly returning to its offices. With its strength of 55000 employees, the company has served more than 800 clients that covers square feet area of over 250 million. They have over 22 branch offices in different cities across India. They are your digital gateway for a well connected and maintained office space.

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