‘Serve Humanity Serve God’ Starts Free Oxygen For Covid-19 Patients

Swaranjit Singh, founder of NGO 'Serve Humanity Serve God' ( 2nd from left) with his team of volunteers. Singh is offering free oxygen cylinders to needy Covid-19 patients in home isolation

As the Tricity residents are reeling under an acute shortage of liquid oxygen amid the surge in Covid-19 cases, a city-based non-profitable charitable trust “Serve Humanity Serve God” has come forward to help citizens with free oxygen services.  The trust has set up the service at New Chandigarh, from where they are providing the life-saving gas for free of cost to Covid-19 patients.

The founder of the non-profitable charitable trust “Serve Humanity Serve God” Swaranjit Singh said, “In view of the skyrocketing demands of oxygen cylinders, we have initiated the free oxygen service for the Covid infected people. The service has been started a few days ago and till now 37 Covid-19 patients have benefited from it. Currently, we are catering to around 30 people in a day but soon the supply will be enhanced so that more precious lives can be saved.”

40 years old, Singh shared that the service is available 24×7 and anyone can avail an oxygen cylinder free of cost without depositing any security amount. The patient’s family can contact the helpline 9814119214 and our volunteers will drop the oxygen at their doorstep. And there are no charges for delivery. 

In a war against the pandemic, the trust founder shared that they are also planning to set up 30 beds small Covid care centre, in association with Administration at 69 community centre Mohali, where the Covid infected people will get free medical treatment. We have applied to both Chandigarh and Mohali Administration regarding the opening of a 30 bedded Covid – centre but unable to get any positive response from either side, we are actually struggling. Yet we stand determined to do the best in our capabilities to help Covid – 19 patients

'Serve Humanity Serve God' Starts Free Oxygen For Covid-19 Patients

“Limitation in resources and low amount of funding are the key challenges that we are facing right now. With the increasing number of frantic calls for oxygen cylinders, the financial burden of procuring more cylinders is mounting on us. However, we are trying to do our best and are quite optimistic that with the blessings of Waheguru, we will be able to meet the oxygen demands,” said Singh.

It’s imperative to mention, that the non-profitable charitable trust “Serve Humanity Serve God” established in 2016 has been taking care of patients who have spinal cord problems. The trust helps such patients in their rehabilitation and provides other medical facilities to them. Moreover, the trust has adopted 267 underprivileged children and bear their education fees among other social initiatives.

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