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7 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship & How To Walk Out Of It

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Never spend your precious years and moments in a toxic relationship. You must be wondering how to figure out whether you are in an unhealthy relationship or merely a phase.

In an unhealthy relationship, you might always feel exhausted or sad, no matter how often you spend time with your partner.

Fights and arguments are usual in a relationship as every relationship have up and downs. But constant quarrels and conflicts are a matter of concern. 

Here are the indications and signs to know whether you are in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Toxic relationships make people unpleasant and drained, being a reason for mental illness and depression.

7 Red Flags In a Toxic Relationship That Should Not Be Overlook

You might be overlooking the signs that your partner is not in you anymore, and reason can be anything. An unhealthy relationship drains the two-person in a relationship both mentally and emotionally.

A toxic relationship is not entitled to the couple only; Any relationship, be it of siblings, co-workers, business partners, or friends, can be unhealthy if it lacks some aspects.

When you have feelings for someone, you consistently ignore the red flags that emerge from time to time.

1) Absence of Support

Healthy relationships are founded on a mutual wish to see the other flourish in all dimensions of life. When a relationship turns toxic, every accomplishment becomes a competition.

In other words, the relationship is gradually getting negative. When you expect encouragement and support from your partner, instead, you find them pulling you down. 

toxic relationship

You must consider it a red flag and step out of that relationship at the earliest; otherwise, it will damage you mentally and emotionally.

2) Competition Leads to Jealousy

The prime aspect of a toxic relationship is making your association a competition. When two persons in a union start comparing each other, love and affection take a backseat, envy becomes prominent.

Envy and jealousy ruin the bond between two people. Jealousy makes you pessimistic for your partner and the relationship, which eventually becomes a competition.

3) Infidelity And Disloyalty

Honesty and loyalty are the foundation of a happy relationship. Once you catch the other person making up lies or cheating constantly, it is high time to walk away from them.

In most cases, people tend to ignore infidelity and give them another chance time and again at the cost of its self-respect. 

However, the more you overlook their dishonesty, the more they will take you for granted. In the long term, one person can not make a relationship survive. 

4) Resentment and Short Temper

A relationship sinks in a storm of anger.

If your partner has temper issues, then it is a red flag. Additionally, in a fit of anger, they can be violent too.

 A short temper is the behind a violent relationship, It might be the chances that they are not fierce at this point, but in the future, it might get dangerous because of the anger.

On the other hand, you would be unable to justify your viewpoint due to their anger. Eventually, you will hold on to grudges, making things go worse in a relationship.

5) Dominant & Controlling Behaviour 

If your partner always bosses around and likes to take control, then your relationship might be problematic. They expect you to inform him about everything even they ask you to seek their permission before doing anything.

A toxic partner, however, tries to dominate & control your life. 

Are you feeling like a puppet when you are around your partner? 

Step away from that dominant mate, and it is your life; live it as you desire. 

6) Financial Abuse

A mistake in a relationship is that people prioritize love over finances. In a relationship or not, money matters; let’s accept it. When you share a relationship, you must share expenses too. 

Are you always on the giving end?

If they always ask you for financial favors and don’t return them. Additionally, you are spending on gifts and surprises for nothing. I suggest you save your money and heart; otherwise, you will be broke and broken at the same time.

Toxic Relationship

7) Disrespectful Behaviour 

Disrespect is not acceptable in any relationship. Respect comes before love. If they don’t respect you and your time, it’s not worth being in a relationship with them. 

There are chances that the disrespectful behavior might not be intentional, as maybe they are going through something, but be vigilant if their rude behavior is persistent. Walk away from them as you don’t deserve it. 

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How To Walk Out of A Toxic Relationship?

Now the question arises, “How to walk out of an unhealthy relationship?”. You have nurtured a relationship that gradually turns toxic; It is hurtful to let it go. 

Moreover, Your life revolves around that person, and now you can not imagine your life without them. But, you have to do this for yourself. You don’t deserve a relationship that requires so much of your effort. 

Confront Them

toxic relationship

In a relationship, you need to talk to make it work. If you still believe this relationship could work. Then confront and discuss everything that bothers you. 

After talking things out, you will get clarity of your relationship, which will make it easy for you to move on. 

Moreover, you will be in a positive framework that you at least tried to sort things out for one last time. 

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Count Your Blessing & Don’t Isolate

In most cases, People isolating themselves makes them gloomy and depressed. They think that their life is nothing without that toxic person instead, people have family, friends, or pets.

Spend enough time with your loved ones and count your blessings. Whatever happens, is for good.

Take Up A Hobby

Toxic Relationship

Divert your mind and give time to your hobbies or brush up on your skills. 

When you are in a relationship, you hardly get time for yourself. Now, Give yourself enough time, pamper yourself, listen to good music (avoid sad songs), and take up a hobby class. 

Don’t Get Back To Your Ex

You might feel lonely and end up checking on an ex. You find it engaging to go through your former partner’s social media, and you may somehow think about talking to them.

You will only worsen your situation, as you are drawing back to another unhealthy relationship. Once you have drifted your paths, there is no point in going back. Protect yourself from another heartbreak.

All in all, sometimes we assume some relationships to be our forever, But gradually you get to know your partner, and things or equations between you two change with time. Your relationship might be beautiful, but now it is dying. It has become unhealthy. So it is advised to love yourself first and walk out of a toxic relationship with your head held high.

Written by: Jaspreet Kaur 

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